Arriving in Sapa

My sleep was disturbed by my dad’s phone which was playing music. Well, I didn’t need to sleep anymore since we were arriving at our station in a few minutes time. Immediately, I wore my clothes, just in time when the train stopped. Still I didn’t really need to be that quick since this was where our train terminates. So, it was goodbye to our cabin with four cosy beds for now! I really enjoyed my sleep that night and would wish to sleep again there. I was actually kind of angry for being interrupted by my dad._DSC8744 Arriving in Sapa

We got outside of this sleeper train once I finished wearing my shoes. We were sure this was our station since it showed signs everyone which stated Lao Cai, the station we needed to alight. We searched for our private driver who would send us to our hotel, Sapa Elite Hotel, outside the station with many other strangers also looking for theirs. We shortly found them. However, we had to wait a little more since we were not the only ones who hired them. Moreover, there was also a train just twenty minutes behind us, which had people also taking the same shuttle!

20160313_064311 Arriving in Sapa

We left at dawn towards Sapa Town which was 37km away from our position. It was also very misty that day. So, we could not see any good views which was disappointing for us, unfortunately. We couldn’t predict nature whether it would turn good or bad. We just hoped for the best!

When we arrived in Sapa, it was filled with bustling activities. I saw motorcycles, trucks and people walking and driving around there. It was a very busy day. It was the same for most of the cities or provinces in Vietnam since they use motorcycles as a primary mode of transport.

As we passed Sapa’s town centre, I saw a church called Sapa Church where the residents of Sapa had their masses weekly and a big parade square where people play volleyball or street soccer, which was quite fun. We then turned away from its center and rode uphill. We than stopped and saw our hotel with the staff ready to serve us.


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