Finishing Off Our Arrival

That morning, when we arrived in Sapa, I also realized something I didn’t tell you yet. My parents hadn’t even slept that night when we were in the train! For me, it was all easy. However, for some reason, I guess the sound of the loud train’s engines and wheels just made it very hard for them to adapt to the loud and disturbing conditions! I actually slept the moment our train left the first stop out of Hanoi.

When we came back to the hotel from lunch, my parents just changed to their sleeping clothing and got into a deep sleep. I was watching soccer and was wondering how they could sleep easily now but not in the train. I really reckon they’re exhausted. After a while, since the soccer match for me was neither entertaining nor exciting, I quit and just slept on my own bed until around 5pm.

In Vietnam, it was really easy to get used to their time since my homeland, Singapore, is only an hour ahead! And, using logic, I realized that when it gets dark at 6pm, it is 7pm in Singapore which is when it starts getting dark.

After waking up from the long afternoon nap, we got into our outdoor clothes before setting out for a location for dinner. While walking, we went by an appetizing outdoor restaurant which sold hotpots. We discussed and would eat there on our last day in Sapa, which would be two days later. We then came to this other restaurant on the opposite side of Sapa. It was popular for its roasted pork. We made a decision to eat there since the smell of pork was irresistible, too. The pork was tasty with the vegetables. We enjoyed our meal with our tummies and taste buds content.

20160313_180450 Finishing off our arrival



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