Our Walk to Ta Van

We had just finished our delicious lunch at a local eatery. We were now about to trek to Ta Van. Our guide explained to us clearly that Ta Van is also a local village, with a higher population. She said Ta Van’s estimated population is two thousand, compared to Lao Chai’s  one thousand. It was around 2.5km from Lao Chai. Once we reach there, we would just hop onto a bus in a parking lot outside Ta Van and just ride back smoothly and slowly to our hotel.

We continued our final kilometres towards Ta Van which has a lot of homestays. However, we couldn’t go there since we already had a hotel. A homestay is a place where many people stay in one single and big room. They eat what the owners eat and experience all those stuff, which can be exciting. My parents hoped and suggested that we could do that one day.

We felt the breeze as we walked as slow as a tortoise. We were just enjoying our walk to this adventurous and amazing journey. It was six hours of precious gold to me.

As we strolled by the road, fast motorcycles drove past us. So I recommend that you shouldn’t stay in the middle of the road. You might be at risk from being hit. We also saw many ducks and farmers managing their rice paddies, keeping them in good shape. The recovered conditions also gave us the opportunity to see the plain’s true colours.

We finally came to the bustling village of Ta Van as we saw many traders walking past us, looking at us curiously. We were now very near the main road. We were disappointed this activity was ending. I bet that you would have the same feeling us me if you’re the one ending this tiring but worthwhile journey. We just had a hell of an adventurous time. We sauntered somberly and boarded our bus which would take us back to Sapa. It departed at around 3pm.

I also had an interactive time with the other adults in our group. We talked a lot and didn’t even feel bored.  Well, it would be bye to them later on.


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