Ending our tiring day

We had finished the tiring test. We were now riding in a shuttle bus back to our hotel with my parent’s legs aching! We were coming from Ta Van’s bus parking lot! I guess it was just too much for them since evidence shows that they stayed back of our group most of the times. I was actually the spearhead of the group since I was mostly in the front, with the guide.  Beside us was a very hilarious scene for me and my mom. On the opposite side of the bus was an exhausted woman who was sleeping like a log. Her head nearly touched the side of the bus and she was bending down at a very sharp and steep angle. We giggled silently, making sure she does not wake up and eventually feels offended by us. We finally came back to our hotel after a slow thirty minutes ride. Overall, I really enjoyed that long and breathtaking experience.

_DSC8953 Ending our tiring day

Taken while in shuttle bus back to our hotel

Once in our cozy room, my parents just changed their clothes and had another typical nap in pain! I just slept with them since there was hardly anything to do to keep myself productive. Anyway, I also wanted to have a rest with a long period of hard work although I wasn’t tried to have one!

It was two hours long. We woke up at 6pm, ready to have a scrumptious dinner. We changed into our outdoor garments and left the hotel hungrily for our second last dinner in Sapa. I felt sad of the realization of time’s rate when you’re busy. It was as if it all happened in the snap of one’s fingers. I realized we should enjoy life when being given something to do.

_DSC8957 Ending our tiring day _DSC8958 Ending our tiring day

That day, we came to Gerbera Restaurant because the food was appetizing. To our astonishment, it was huge and had many available seats. However, only around five of them were taken. But, we just stuck to our choice. I ordered some noodles while my parents ordered some food with meat. I gobbled my noodles with chicken in a fast rate since the food was delicious and tender. In fact, it was the tastiest I had during our visit there, In Sapa. My parents also relished their food. We paid the cost of the food we ate and walked back to our hotel happily and in a tiring mood. We slept at 11pm. Unfortunately, by then, my parent’s legs were still aching tremendously. We were very worried as my parents slept in unbearable pain.



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