Our Visit to Cat Cat Village

It was our second last day in Sapa. We were quite sad we were leaving that town soon since we realized that many locals here are kind. Moreover, there are still a lot of places we have yet to explore. However, there’s always a next time. So hopefully, we could explore more stuff in the future.

_DSC9050 Our Visit to Cat Cat Village

For today, our plan was simple. We were to go to Cat Cat, a village 3km away from Sapa, home to the Black H’Mong. And, we were also a bit in a hurry since the weather conditions that day were perfect. The blue sky was hundred percent visible at that moment.

After our morning preparation, we left our walking sticks at bay in our secured room and headed to the village with ease…and a little difficulty with my parent’s legs aching! Despite that, my parents persevered but to our dismay, the weather suddenly turned from excellent into a foggy state. We weren’t discouraged in spite of that and knew all this exploration is not a waste.

We arrived at the town’s welcoming entrance which was a post made out of wood. Creative, isn’t it? We paid the fee to explore the sights of this exciting town and I was ready to explore new things. We were asked to enter a staircase which would lead us downhill. He inspected our tickets and allowed us in. The views were amazing even though the weather conditions were poor. We saw humongous mountains and other trekkers going up and down the staircases at the other end. I knew that day would also be adventurous. The place we had our best photos was at a viewing point with seats provided to us, made by marble. It was actually carved by the mountain itself. I think the locals did some amendments to it, just to make it look like seats. To my amusement, I had a photo bomber which was a fat pig running around the scenery behind me! We continued our way towards our first stop, which was a waterfall.

_DSC8980 Our Visit to Cat Cat Village

We reached this point where I saw a local making her own clothes out of natural materials. With her was her granddaughter. Our visit was on a weekday so we assumed that she doesn’t go to school. So, we hope she would start studying so that her life could be changed. She used a type of machine and pedaled it to join the natural thread. They then did some other steps. However, we left the time she attained that point since we knew this process is tedious.

_DSC8999 Our Visit to Cat Cat Village

We soon came to our first stop after flights of stairs which were making my parents push to their painful limits! It was a waterfall with a running lake by it. Beside the bridge we were about to cross was some big rocks. I decided to face danger and took some adventurous photos near the waterfall. To be honest, I guess many tourists had done that already since it wasn’t really that dangerous. It’s only the running water which scares you, though.

_DSC9018 Our Visit to Cat Cat Village

At the other end of the shaky bridge. We stopped for a short while and relaxed on a bench which was right in front of the waterfall. The water splashed on our faces as we took more photographs from that angle and also ate a light snack. The waterfall is quite big and we say many water vapour surrounding it. The scene was beautiful. Well…not quite like Niagara Falls, but it was special in its own way. I went there when I was still 6!

_DSC9034 Our Visit to Cat Cat Village

Anyway, we continued our slow stroll with an uphill attack with flights of stairs to get over with. We also saw a watermill at an area where there was water and the surroundings were calm. It was quite far from the waterfall. Soon l, it was enough for us because we could see the end of it all. After passing by this tourism area, with many street sellers on our backs, we finished this walk and requested a shopkeeper to hire a cabbie for us to send us back to Sapa because my parents were very tired to walk to eat a late lunch at 1pm.

_DSC9039 Our Visit to Cat Cat Village_DSC9043 Our Visit to Cat Cat Village

We really liked our visit our visit to Cat Cat. Now, I would tell you a few tips when you’re there.

Firstly, if you’re bringing chocolates along, please don’t give to the local kids there since it may affect their teeth’s cleanliness. Thus, they might need to go to the dentist which would cost them a lot. Another rule is that smoking is prohibited in that area. Lastly, if our want to bargain for a valuable item, please bargain 50% of the given price. After that, if the seller does not agree with your decision, bargain as best as you could.



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