The hours before Daddy’s Birthday

Huhh! I woke up sleepily after a late night sleep! However, I couldn’t continue to sleep. It was time to go to eat our breakfast since the breakfast hall was closing soon.

We did our usual morning routine. As mommy was hungry for plates, we started our search soon enough after booking for a special restaurant for my dad’s birthday dinner! She needed those souvenirs for her plating to get great photos though I’m not really keen on doing that. I just walked with her wherever she went. We soon came across a Jollibee during our search. It was huge with around four levels. Although we were a fan of that, we didn’t want to eat there since we wanted to try out the local food. Besides, it was still early for lunch. While walking, we met this lady who offered us to wear her Vietnamese hat. We tried it and took some photos. After that, she asked as to pay for trying her hat! However, we didn’t want to pay this deals. So, after a short misunderstanding, she reluctantly left us. I think many tourists were tricked by this.


Behind a Jolibee branch, a famous fastfood from the Philippines

_DSC9143 The hours before Daddy’s Birthday

We met this lady who offered us to wear her Vietnamese hat.

We soon arrived at our checkpoint, a bustling marketplace which sells slippers, clothes or whatever clothing under the sun! To our dismay, it did not sell much of this fashionable utensils. So, we continued our search along the nearby streets.

_DSC9152 The hours before Daddy’s Birthday

Bored during my Mom’s hunt for plates. Like there’s no end!

Luckily, at one point, we found a reasonably priced street vendor. So, we took the chance and made the deal with him to buy a few plates at a good price. We then made our way towards a canteen to have lunch before heading to a big lake nearby.

After a good lunch of Vietnamese Pho, we walked slowly towards the lake after buying an energy drink for myself. We soon arrived at the lake. There was a café nearby to eat a little snack since the walk was quite long. I drank some whippy hot chocolate and then got to do something exciting after the long wait. Paddle a boat. I’ve done that before in Europe, and was determined to repeat the same thing there. To our surprise, we didn’t have enough money. So, as a solution, daddy looked for a bank to withdraw some cash. Actually, instead of paddling, you would need to cycle the boat with a duck face, which was tiring but interesting. Although it was misty, we could see the short tower of Hanoi as the crow flies. We also saw some shophouses and condos around us.


_DSC9184 The hours before Daddy’s Birthday _DSC9173 The hours before Daddy’s Birthday

After the one-hour ride, we walked towards the iconic tower of Hanoi.

It was a religious place. So, all was silent as I stood in front of the grand structure in awe. There was also a park behind it, but couldn’t get in there since time was running out. We were soon to celebrate something memorial. We hired a cabbie to drive us back at waited for such a welcoming surprise!

_DSC9209 The hours before Daddy’s Birthday


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