Daddy’s 40th birthday

We had arrived at our hotel, safe and sound. We were given our new room card, since we had to transfer to another room. We had to wait one minute, however. When we came to our new room, we had a complete surprise.

On our bed was two elephants kissing each other, made of towels, and a birthday cake on our bed! It was such a beauty! There were also rose petals on the cupboards and beds! We were very happy with their service and would choose this hotel as our first choice the next time we’re visiting Hanoi. Their service was just like a five star hotel, to be honest. We did a video of daddy blowing the candles around the room, there were even some in the humongous bathroom at the far end of this room. We ate the cake and rested for an hour before continuing our journey to the restaurant which is part of a hotel.

The walk wasn’t that long. We were happy the restaurant wasn’t that far. This hotel and the series of events would be forever etched in my brains.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were greeted and were asked for our reservation particulars. After the confirmation of our arrival, they gave us a thick menu. There were numerous choices, from Vietnamese pho noodles, to a Western Hamburger. I had to make tough decisions and had to sacrifice others. In conclusion, I decide to order Italian Bolognese Spaghetti.

I soon knew I chose the right thing since the food was mouthwatering, with its tenderness, I could not resist its variety of tastes. My parents also enjoyed their meal and were really contended with their day so far.

All of a sudden, at one moment, the lights went out! My dad was shocked and thought it was a serious blackout. Before his thoughts were concluded, a cake came out from the kitchen, and came the lyrics of the song ‘Happy Birthday’. We all sang to the beat while the cake came to our table. My mom took some photos and the lights went on again although the music continued. We thanked the staff for such a memorable surprise and the cake before paying our bill and saying our farewells to the hospitable staff. We did not have this type of service in Singapore and suggested the staff to open a branch in Singapore.

_DSC9260 Hanoi

That night, I had sleep with a lot of wonderful thoughts in my mind.


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