Our Trek at Bukit Timah Hill

It was Labour Day. My family planned an exciting trek uphill on Bukit Timah Hill. I was ready for the uphill madness and steep chaos. However, all in all, we realized the trek wasn’t that difficult after all.

In a misty morning, we hired a cabbie using the Grab app to our destination, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve along Hindhede Road.

When we arrived at our destination at around 7.30a.m., we left the cab and got off to a steep start after we entered the trail… to the summit! We walked by the visitor center and headed upwards which would lead to our stopover. We also encountered some huts which were our checkpoints. The steep slope unfortunately only lasted for about a few hundred meters. The second part of our journey was an uphill track which was not as steep as before, though. Luckily, that slope ended after such a short while as I really wanted more sweat to perspire away. The next obstacle was a flight of stairs. They were steep and I had to be extremely careful since one mistake could cost my life. The stairs were made of brick and also felt slippery! I saw other children and athletes going for their daily walks around the hill. Sunrise was nearly ending.

The steep ascent ended with a short planked walkway by a quiet garden and finally to our pit-stop. To my dismay, there was not really anything that much to see since the spectacular view was blocked! All I could catch around me were two tall radio like towers and other families having a whale of a time at the top. It was there that we realized that this walk won’t be too hard after all!

20160501_074110 Our Trek at Bukit Timah Hill

20160501_085931 Our Trek at Bukit Timah Hill

After a short interlude, we set off back to the starting point of this trail which was totally as easy as pie! To be honest, a two way trip was only be about 2km! As we finished our trail, I did a 100m downhill sprint to the gate which would be the entrance and exit of the trail.

After that 2km trek, we decided to have a walk at Hindhede Park. From the map, it seems a walk in this raft built terrain park would be tremendously long!

At first, we had a good impression of this park since it had rough terrain and steep and scary slopes. We then realized this trek was still very easy since we reached our pit-stop, a hut by a vacant and abandoned quarry in five minutes. Before we continued our journey, we took some shots in the nice and cooling breeze before continuing our short walk.

20160501_081219 Our Trek at Bukit Timah Hill

20160501_081312 Our Trek at Bukit Timah Hill.jpg

Before we ended our walk, I met a few friends in the park who were playing at the playground. They were using the flying fox, a zipline which I like riding on. I joined them for a while and enjoyed my two rounds on this vehicle.

20160501_081732 Our Trek at Bukit Timah Hill

Since the park didn’t really increase the length of our walk, we did one more round of trekking up Bukit Timah Hill and left the special place after doing my business in the washroom.

20160501_085938 Our Trek at Bukit Timah Hill


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