Captain America: Civil War (movie review)


I hope you all have watched the famous blockbuster hit, Captain America: Civil War. I enjoyed it a lot with all the action and questions it answered in my mind about the Avengers. However, my parents prefer Batman v Superman to that since to them, the plot of this civil war wasn’t clear to them, unlike Batman v Superman.

As a Marvel fan, I know almost every Marvel Hero you can possibly think of as I like to play games featuring them. Although you might think there was one cause to this war, there were two. The first reason was the choice of joining forces with the government. Captain America’s side wanted to stay independent. However, Iron Man’s side thought the other way around.

I watched this hit at Plaza Singapura, located in the midst of Singapore. We chose the cinemas there which are managed by Golden Village since the management gives free tickets to children who are under the age of 12. It was on a Saturday, 07/05/16. Moreover, we had just finished our morning walk at Fort Canning Park, which was near the humongous mall.

Now, let’s get back to the main topic. The second reason was that Winter Soldier, murdered Black Panther’s father, causing him to seek vengeance.

The movie started with the horrifying events based on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It was in the Arctic, at some random time in 1991. Winter Soldier, as usual, was hypnotized by Russian Officials and was given his first mission on December 15, 1991. And, yes he completed it. The whole thing then stopped and the time fast-forwarded to the present day. The Avengers (not including Iron Man and War Machine) were tasked to take down Crossbones, a mighty leader who was leading an armed group. The Avengers failed to stop his first part of the plan as Crossbones successfully broke in to a protected place in Lagos. Soon, a fight heated up as the Avengers took down Crossbones’s bodyguards. After some time, Crossbones found Captain America, his arch-enemy, and they had a fight which tested their hand-to-hand combat skills. Soon, Crossbones surrendered momentarily and then tried to use a bomb to kill the Captain instead. Despite the surprise, Scarlet Witch anticipated it and made Crossbones float with the bomb. Accidentally, she threw the villain into a building which exploded. It was terrifying as the Avengers regretted the action because many innocent civilians were killed.

Sometime later, the Avengers had a meeting with a US general, Thunderbolt Ross, about a decision on whether to join forces with the government or not. Captain America felt that signing the agreement would make them under the control of the government, so he decided not to sign yet. While all of this was happening, Peggy Carter, a good friend of his, died. So, he could not represent the Avengers in a meeting with the King of Wakanda as he had to go to London for the funeral. It was there that the King died when Winter Soldier planted a bomb near the meeting.

Now, the Wakanda officials were looking for Bucky as he fled to Bucharest, where Captain America finally met his best pal again. Though they were mates again, the soldier showed no remorse as they escaped his apartment from the police. A serious chase began between four heroes, Falcon, who cuts to the chase, the Captain, Winter Soldier and Black Panther. The action really set my heart pumping like mad.

To my dismay, the heroes were arrested. Winter Soldier was tied up in very strong handcuffs and was interrogated by this villain called Zemo. He said the exact same words the Russian Officials said which made Winter Soldier go haywire. He went out of the cage with all his might and killed the troopers guarding him. That made everyone scramble as the other three made a run for it and left without a single trace. After Iron Man, Sharon Carter, a FBI agent, Black Widow and Black Panther failed to stop him, he climbed up to the top of the police station and got on a helicopter.

Captain America then came out just in time to see him leaving and as a super soldier, used all his might to bring the helicopter down. It was a shock when the soldier’s metal arm came to strangle Captain America all the way down to the water. Eventually, they both survived.

Now that Falcon, the Captain and Winter Soldier were alone in an isolated warehouse, they asked Hawkeye to get Scarlet Witch and Ant-Man. Iron Man also recruited Spider-Man to join their cause.

The teams have soon assembled and were ready to fight to the death in an airport. After revealing all the heroes they had in their sleeves, they clashed! The fight was epic as commercial planes exploded. Both Ant-Man and Spider-Man added ahumour to the movie. Soon Bucky and Rogers cooperated with their teammates to fight to the end while they run for a plane which would take them out of battle alive. The plan was successful at a great cost. It was really filled with action and adventure.

The two heroes flew to an isolated place in the Arctic where the Russians once made their winter soldiers. Iron Man also came, after realizing that Bucky was framed and was told about the location of the Russian facility. There, they met that Zemo again who showed them a tape of the mission on December 15, 1991. He also explained that his whole family was killed by the Avengers and wanted them to fight each other. The tape showed how Howard Stark and his wife got killed! They were Iron Man’s parents! I mean, I could understand Winter Soldier would kill them for he was hypnotized. Watching the whole thing without being noticed was Black Panther and was the first to finally realize what he was doing was not right. When the three started fighting, I felt most of my questions of this series were answered. The fight was crazy as the Soldier and the Captain who showed no means to fight paired up against Iron Man who showed on mercy. Zemo ran away to some area where Black Panther went to talk things out. When Bucky lost his metal arm during the fight, Captain America continued the showdown and with his shield and he soon neutralized Iron Man. Captain America and Winter Soldier decided to leave the compound, leaving Iron Man alone.

As time went by, they soon realized their mistakes.

Overall, I totally enjoyed the hit and loved the action demonstrated in such a movie.



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