Our Trek at Pulau Ubin

We woke up late for our trek to Pulau Ubin. This is because it was raining there according to the weather ‘nowcast’ and we wanted to make sure it stopped. Anyway, it was nearing 8am. I woke up and had a satisfying breakfast before changing into track pants and shirt that would keep me protected for the whole trek from mosquito bites.

Our plan was to walk 10km in the lush scenery, hoping to unravel nature at its best. At around 8.30am, we embarked on the exciting journey by heading to the bus stop which was a stone’s throw away from my house. There, we waited for bus 89 before having an approximately 30-minute ride to Changi Village where we walked from there onwards towards Changi Jetty Terminal to take a bumboat service to the island North-East of the straits of Singapore.

20160521_095729_HDR Our Trek at Pulau Ubin

The bumboat service is very frequent. The only issue is the long queues. So, if you’re travelling to Pulau Ubin by the my route, the only one, in particular, I suggest queuing up at the terminal by 10am as any time after that would result in an hour of wasted time.

We paid the driver the one-way fee to Pulau Ubin before starting the exciting adventure.

20160521_101050 Our Trek at Pulau Ubin

You don’t really have to show long faces if you’re the type who gets seasick easily as the ride is only around 5 to 10 minutes. The welcoming of the island was quite pleasant with a board overhead saying ‘Welcome to Pulau Ubin’. We started our walk around the island after having a quick skim of the map of the 10.19km2  island. We walked on the sides of the main road towards a hill in the small island. It is called Puaka Hill and is quite a tall hill. The walk from the jetty to there would be around 2km. Unfortunately, before I go straight to the point, I’ve got to tell you this!

As we entered the road that would lead to the hill, I noticed something hissing: it was in a snake position and once I saw its tongue moving out, it was literally a snake! My mom was setting course on a probably venomous crash with the beast. Luckily, I shouted outmost crazily that there was a snake for three times! She was near to the beast and was extremely terrified on what was in front of her. My dad decided to turn back to warn the bikers about the snake all of us had not seen before. As I predicted, they were terrified, too.

After that adventure of nature, we walked up the steep slopes of Puaka Hill, which is lower than the one in mainland Singapore, Bukit Timah Hill. Still, the reward was a nicer view than that of the one of Bukit Timah Hill, which made me remember that Bukit Timah had no scenery at its top at all.

20160521_105230 Our Trek at Pulau Ubin

For the other 8km, we decided to walk near Chek Jawa Wetlands which had 50% of its trails in rough terrain.

Overall, I enjoyed my walk around the small island and hoped to have a better one by seeing wild boars in our next visit. By the way, the snake we met earlier was called an Oriental Whip Snake. As shown in the images of Google’s website, it is light green, just like the one we saw. Luckily, this snake is not poisonous as its venom is very weak.



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