Batman v Superman (Movie Review)

Batman v Superman

A few weeks ago, my family and I watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was a movie filled with action and kept me in suspense in some particular parts. To take note, I’m not going to recommend anything of a sort since this movie is not recent and most likely not shown in the cinemas anymore. Oh, and to be honest, I actually didn’t really adore it.

The good thing at the start of this film was that we were at least able to know what happened in the previous movie of this sequel, Man of Steel. It makes some new fans of DC comics get to know what happened.

Anyways, the movie also showed the events of Bruce Wayne and the pitiful death of his parents.

To simplify this, the two heroes had a fight because of this:

During the battle of General Zod and Superman, they both fought in a building which was Bruce Wayne’s building, to be specific, Bruce Wayne Industries! Batman was angry for what Superman had done to not only his life, but others. So, he soon thought Superman would be a threat to mankind.

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor found some valuable kryptonite somewhere in the Indian Ocean which he wanted to use for some reasons. Now, Batman needed that to defeat his Superman and stole the kryptonite for himself which made Lex Luthor very angry.

When Lex Luthor attempted to kill Superman’s girlfriend, Louis Lane, he came to the rescue. He then told him that he had Superman’s mom and to save her, he had to fight and kill Batman. He gave Superman an hour to defeat the Gotham knight. The duel was fierce with Batman’s power up. In spite of Superman’s best efforts, Batman neutralized him using a kryptonite spear and was about to kill him! It was really terrifying! I usually known them as allies, not enemies. In spite of the killing thought, Superman stopped him in his tracks when he mentioned his mother’s name. Still, Batman misunderstood that and just before something bloody occurred, Louis Lane came and sorted things out.

So, they made an agreement to stop Lex Luthor together. Batman’s job was to free Superman’s mother, Martha and Superman was to confront Lex Luthor again.

Before I continue, I’m not telling all the scenes of the movie as they’re not so important to have an honorable mention.

To my surprise, the duo had to face a slimy and greasy creature called Doom’s Day with Wonder Woman who joined them. Louis Lane also decided to search for the kryptonite spear which would finish the monster off as kryptonite was also its weakness. After barely escaping death, Superman sacrificed his life and stabbed Doom’s Day. And as I predicted, Superman was also stabbed too.

The fabled hero’s death was not something expected. He was conserved in a special coffin and was going to be buried.

At the end, just before I thought it was all lost and the fabled hero would never come back, Louis Lane poured some soil onto the coffin cover that started rising when she left! So this raises a question, is he alive?


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