Our Trek at Mt Batur

It was nearing 2.30am in the morning. We slept early on our first day of our retreat in Bali as we were going to have a tedious trek at Mt Batur from 3.30am in the morning to 9.30am. And, it was extremely tough and tiring, especially for my parents! Mt Batur is 1717 m, which was a great achievement for us as we totally nailed it!

We had an hour drive to the bottom of the mountain where Agung, our driver helped us to hire a trek guide, called Made. He said our trek would be private, which we were happy about. He also provided us torchlights to shine on what was in front of us as it was pitch black.

The first part of the trek was easy as it was nearly flat, except that we were gradually gaining ground and going up little by little at the same time.

Every now and then, we would have short breaks and would continue going up as we passed by a sequence of plain fields, tomato, chili and corn farms. We were one of the 1st groups to start the trek, that was why we didn’t see many people ahead of us. Along the way, we saw many stars in the dark sky and even saw a portion of the Milky Way which lifted my heart up!

Mt Batur

The path started to bend in a sharper angle as we started benefiting the use of our trekking sticks. Along the way, there were many people playing with their torchlights making an ant-like uphill path.

We also encountered more rocks which made us have a harder time, the road to the summit would be more slippery. We soon arrived at our second checkpoint where we had a major break. As we started to experience fatigue, we ate our packet of biscuits and drank a sip of water from our bottle and made a steep ascend towards our next break point.

For the 2nd half of this exciting walk, we encountered sharp rocks and slippery soil. We were also near terrifying cliffs where one mistake could cost your life. Fortunately, we overcame them and continued our walk which made me slip every now and then!

After another continuous 25min trek, we came to our final break point where we had the longest break there. Sunrise was also starting which made us pressured to begin.

In our last and hardest stroll, our sticks were like our only hope as it was the hardest walk I ever did! That time was a combination of sand, soil and sharp or big rocks. Thankfully, our guide gave me a helping hand and held my hand for that area which I mastered with my footwork and mind combined. Light was starting to illuminate the pitch dark surroundings of Mt Batur. So, we made the walk the best as we could since the rewards of finishing the task would be wonderful. Particularly the beautiful sunrise.

At one point, I asked my guide, how many more minutes to the rewarding end. He answered that there was only 5 minutes left! We gave it our all from that point onwards until we saw a small satellite, a mini cafe and a few groups of people. I heaved a sigh of relief and shouted softly yes for finishing half of the action. Sunrise has just started. We were able to see the other neighbouring mountains around us like Mt Agung. Our guide also mentioned Mt Agung is  3031m, which would be extremely harder than this mountain. Actually, before I forget, Mt Batur is a volcano! Which made it accessible for our guide to boil the eggs in the volcanic liquid which is scorching hot.

We took some breathtaking photos by the cliffs of this mountainous area which were like something we never took before. Below us was a valley of fluffy clouds beautifying the scene above much more. Mt Agung also added a little icing to the beautiful sunny occasion. We didn’t really eat much for breakfast as we wanted to prevent ourselves from vomiting later on during our scary and skidding walk down!


20160606_061111 Our Trek at Mt Batur

I’m above the clouds

20160606_055534 Our Trek at Mt Batur

Before the dawn

20160606_063126 Our Trek at Mt Batur

Sun starts to pop-out

20160606_060703 Our Trek at Mt Batur

Tranquil scenery


20160606_071044 Our Trek at Mt Batur

The marker with 2 macaque monkeys.

To avoid being in a human jam, we left as one of the 1st groups again downwards back to the mountain bottom’s base. That was where our driver would be anticipating us to pick us up to our next zone.

While trekking downwards, our walking sticks were massively helping us stay on our legs while walking down as in my opinion, it was much slippery as going up for some random reason. Despite the strange downfall, I succeeded from conceding any topples, slips or falls which made one groan in pain. Unfortunately, my mom fell three times during that period of time. Eventually, she was ok but she had a huge pain on her bottoms!

We soon breached our halfway point and suited up for our warm-down, which would be easier as the road to the finish line would be quite flat, not much rocks and would ha hard material as the road downwards is also used by cars or motorbikes, meaning we didn’t have to use our sticks anymore.

Finally…after 30 excruciating minutes, we met our driver once again after walking by all the farms we saw once again! And overall, I surely had to say this, it was way more harder than the trek in Vietnam and the rewards were more worthy.

20160606_072257 Our Trek at Mt Batur

20160606_091822 Our Trek at Mt Batur

We couldn’t believe that we made it to the top of this mountain behind. #familygoals

Feeling tired and sleepy, we decided to head back to the hotel for a good rest.


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