The Singapore Aquathlon

The gloomy skies filled the active surroundings of East Coast Park. Saturday was a very big day for my sporting life. I was going to participate in the Singapore Aquathlon 2016! This was the 2nd aquathlon I participated in. The event commenced on 18th June 2016. My category was kids, 10-11. It would be at 10.45am.

_DSC9854  The Singapore Aquathlon

At 9.45am, we got off our taxi and headed to the check-in zone to get my number marked on my arms on both sides. We then walked slowly to the transition area where I placed my shirt, towel and shoes. I would go there after my swim. The sky remained gloomy as the adults and youths had their shots at the race.

I decided to practice my duck runs, a run you use when entering and leaving the water and warm-up. I was with other kids who were getting ready for their big moment. After a few laps, the minutes were ticking in. So, my parents advised me to only practice my duck runs which I was a master at already. They didn’t want me to get too tired.

_DSC9860  The Singapore Aquathlon

At 10.30am, my parents wished me luck while I headed to the starting point. There were a bunch of competitors stationed there earlier. With still 15 more minutes before it all began, we did a little stretching. The parents watching us also took some photos as permitted by the facilitators.

_DSC9862  The Singapore Aquathlon

_DSC9873 The Singapore Aquathlon

Just a few minutes before the actual starting time, a facilitator gave us a 1 minute briefing before giving us a 45sec interval. After that interval, the horn went of meaning the start of the race!

_DSC9866  The Singapore Aquathlon

In the water, there was a little pushing as we headed towards our turn around point. I had a disadvantage as I was in the middle, meaning I was going diagonally, giving me a few extra meters to swim. I finished in 10th place for the swim, which was a great improvement thanks to my coach!

_DSC9887  The Singapore Aquathlon

At the end point, I got slowed down by the barrier, a rope. However, I wasn’t overtaken. Instead, I just made my way up the shore and into the transition area where I overtook a few boys.

During the run, I got back a position as a boy overtook me. Unfortunately, I failed to get my placement back and ended up 14th in Gender position and 12th in category position.

For finishing, I got a shiny medal which was really worth it. I was happy with the results although I wasn’t 1st as I took some shots with my newest and polished medal with my parents!

_DSC9925 The Singapore Aquathlon

Singapore Aquathlon


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