The Graveyard Book (Book Review)

During our holiday in Bali, I decided to read this book called The Graveyard Book. It has 7 long chapters and each one is about 30 pages long and I literally have to say that this is one of the best books Neil Gaiman has ever written.

Nobody Owens, called Bod, is a normal human being. The only big thing that is different about him is that he is raised in a graveyard and taught by creepy ghosts in the cemetery.

When Bod was a baby, Mr Jack Frost murdered his whole family. Luckily, Bod was able to escape without  any idea that he was being followed. He fled restlessly to the graveyard where he met his new dead parents, Mr and Mrs Owens and his new and protective guardian, Silas. Silas was able to make Mr. Jack turn back whom got tricked by Silas’s lies.

As Bod grew, he explored the graveyard and met many people buried here throughout time such as Mother Slaughter and Caius Pompeius. He is a very curious boy who likes Silas and his parents a lot. He went on adventures enduring many new spooky discoveries around the old place. He had different teachers who teach him many things.

However, he sometimes broke rules and left the graveyard. This got him into trouble with his dead protectors. They didn’t want the little boy to leave the graveyard yet as real danger lurked outside the graveyard what I meant is Mr Jack was still on the ferocious hunt for the crucial baby.

Soon, Bod grew older and started knowing more about his lethal and bloody family history. He started to search for the killer and soon knew it was Jack from his good friend Scarlet. They had met before when they were quiet young, at the age of 5 and met again at the age of 15.

As Bod was a teenager by then, he was allowed to leave the graveyard to do whatever he wanted. So, he decided to hunt for the killer. When Bod met a man called Mr Frost, he sent him privately to a room where his parents died and revealed his true colors. He was actually Mr Jack! So, a tough fight between Jack and Bod begins.

When Bod realizes that Jack was part of an organization called the Jack of all trades, he knew more Jacks were chasing him. His guardians, who were actually tough predators were also helping Bod finish a mission in Krakow, which was to stop the Jack of all Trades. So, Bod was by himself.

Will Bod survive the fight? You’ve got to read the book.


Title: The Graveyard Book
Author: Neil Gaiman
Illustrator: Chris Riddel
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Awards: Carnegie Medal 2010
Age Group: 10+


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