My mom’s 40th birthday

The 17th of July was my mom’s birthday eve. And to celebrate this special occasion, we went to Sentosa to try out Climbmax and Megazip and we had a whale of a time.

After having lunch at our neighbourhood’s hawker center, we took a long train ride all the way to Harbourfront, the last station of the North-East Line.

After buying a bottle of drinking water from one of the shops in the mall, we took the escalator to the topmost level of the crowded shopping mall, Vivocity. That was where we took the monorail from there to the luxurious island! I was excited as my heart was rushing with adrenaline.

After alighting at Imbiah station, the 3rd one on the line, we went to a local guide to ask for the directions to the registration place for the activities. To our astonishment, he unexpectedly told us that we should alight at Beach Station! It is the station next to Imbiah. Dismayed, we walked back up and took the train disdainfully.

After finally alighting at the correct station a few minutes later, we headed to the tram stop, where we would take a tram to the particular stop where we would register ourselves to try their facilities. We were ready for anything which was before us.

At the counter, we discussed and decided to purchase the eagle package, which consisted of both the Climbmax and Megazip rides, which we already planned to take earlier actually.

We took a fast buggy ride up to the top of the starting point which was on a hill after wearing our safety harness on our bodies.

As there was a heavy rain, my parents suggested that we should do the Megazip ride 1st as doing it under the rain may be once in a lifetime experience. I agreed with them and joined a long queue of people who were also waiting to try it out.

Before our turn, the crew took a family photo of us before we were hooked to a rope which would send us at around 60km/h to another minor island of Sentosa which wasn’t that far from us.


Once we were released, air was blowing like crazy over our faces as we zoomed down towards the end. It was awesome! The scenery was extravagant as we arrived at the beachfront of mainland Sentosa before flying through the wind over calm waters and ending with a smooth landing. The crew at the other side unhooked us from the rope as we walked back down for another buggy ride back up to try the though climbmax!

Climbmax is a huge obstacle course, which, if you remember, was one of the activities I tried in the P5 camp. If you didn’t read that journal entry, I’ll restate its description. It is a three-level obstacle course with 12 obstacles on each level. Level 1 is the easiest, with level 2 harder than one and 3 harder than 2.


As thrill seekers, we decided to try out level 2 instead of level 1 first after the safety briefing given by the safety officials. Though I had a fall which was a little painful, I went through and was soon brought to the platform by the official. I then continued my skilled walk to the ending point without any more inconveniences.

As my mom’s hand was as red as blood, she did not go with my dad and me for the trek at level 3.

To my astonishment, I was better at my run on level 3 than on level 2. I suppose it was due to my knowledge of it when I took my walk last time at that level during the camp. I had no falls!

However, there was an extremely hard stopover which was really tough. You had to put one leg on one small platform and the other on another. And all the platforms were so small! Anyways, when I finished the solid task, everyone was satisfied as we completed the course. Moreover, I also made a few new friends during the course whom I talked to.

Because of the order that we performed the activities, we had to take a buggy ride back down to the counter. The staff told us that we should have taken the Megazip last. After asking if we could have an extra Megazip run again so we could go back to the counter, the kind official gave us the green light and accepted our request. Although there was a short misunderstanding between the staff about our exceptional situation, we were free to go as we blasted through the light breeze with a bit of sunshine shining on us.

With all this fun coming to an end, we left the tiny island and had a sensational dinner at the rooftop restaurant above Vivocity called Marche after taking a free shuttle bus back to the bustling mall.


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