The Catcher in the Rye (Book Review)

A few days ago, I had just finished reading the tween, teen and adult favourite, “The Catcher in the Rye”. And, I should agree with the reviews in Amazon that it is a good one!

It all started with a college man named Holden Caulfield being kicked out by the Pencey School’s headmaster, Mr. Turmur. He decided to be back home on Wednesday after being kicked out on Saturday. He knew his parents would have a talk with Mr. Turmur and planned to go back on Wednesday because if he went too soon, his parents would scold him a whole lot unlike after a long time after his parents had digested what has gone wrong in whole.

He was on a hill, waiting for his professor he would say bye to. He was his history professor. Actually, the reason he was being kicked out was because he flunked in almost all his subjects, except English. Well, even if he passed English, his results would not be enough for him to stay in Pencey College. The college is actually one of the top colleges in the town which is nearby New York City, the Big Apple.

Now, I would tell you a little about Holden Caulfield. He is an 18 year old man who has grey hair and has very few friends. Before he was kicked out, he had a roommate called Stradlater who is a bit older than him. He is an athlete. Another acquaintance of Holden’s is Ackley, who has a lot of pimples on his face.

As there was still many more days before Holden goes back to his kingdom, he went to this hotel where he waited for a few days before moving to his professor’s house after some misunderstandings with the bellhop of the hotel. Unfortunately, he left the professor’s house for some reason.

If you want to know what happened on the five long days, you’ve got to read the book yourself.



Title: The Catcher in the Rye
Author: J.D. Salinger
Publisher: Penguin Books
Age group: 11+


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