The Ragamuffin Mystery (Book Review)

A few days ago, I had just finished a book called the Ragamuffin mystery. As the title said, it was full of suspense, mystery, deception and action which I really enjoyed a lot.

Four kids, namely Barney, Snubby, Diana and Roger were on a holiday with their Aunt Polly. They also brought their pets along, particularly Looney the Black Spaniel and Miranda the Monkey. The kids love action, mystery and adventure and were excited to get some during their holiday near beautiful Merlin’s Cove.

After that encounter, the group hid the letter in a safe place near in there caravan as the man Snubby faced was also in the hotel.

To my surprise, the letter was stolen by the hotel owner’s son. He is a mischievous boy who found the letter with ease in the caravan after breaking in it, also releasing Looney the Spaniel, which barked like mad in search for Snubby, his best friend. The children weren’t happy to see Sunbby get out as the man which stole the letter would recognize Snubby, and he did. So Snubby had to be in exile at a nearby town away from the  man who wanted to get him.

Soon, the gang realized that the man and his friends were doing some sinister deals about precious goods after overhearing a fight between this sailor called Morgan and the man.

From what they’ve heard, the deal would take place on Friday, keeping the children in suspense. Would they stop the mission which would lead to a startling discovery of the cold-hearted sailors? You have to read the book.


Title: The Ragamuffin Mystery
Author: Enid Blyton
Illustrator: Eric Rowe
Age group: 8-12
Publisher: Award Publications Limited


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