Our Short Holiday in Malaysia

On the 9/10/16, we decided to go for a short two-day retreat in JB (Johor Bahru). Our route to the gigantic mall in JB Central, which was called City Square, was a long but worthwhile one.

We first took a ride with an Uber driver from our house to Woodlands checkpoint. Everything went fine as there was no traffic jam, for now.

We had a quick stroll across the bridges which led to the immigration area. There, we had to wait for around 30 minutes before we could have our turn. With that part done, we headed to the bus waiting area to look for a bus to the Malaysian side, well…initially.

However, we came to realise that there was a serious jam at the road that led to the other end. So, we took the chance and had a long walk across the strait which is approximately 2km long, which we were used to. The only difference was that we were smelling and breathing carbon monoxide from the cars, buses and trucks.


We eventually finished the long walk and concluded we made the right choice as we were faster than the cars. To our dismay, more trouble and menace came in as we had to go through a 45-minute queue in the Malaysian immigration. For most of the times, I was sitting at the side while my parents queued. Soon enough, we were out of there.

For most of our stay, we moved around near our hotel and stayed in the hotel, took a swim and all the usual stuff one would do during vacations. However, I’d like to share some of the special events I had during our momentous stay.


One was that I went to Malaysia’s GO KART track, where I had quite a drive which really took me aback. As planned, we had 10 minutes to use the track with beginner karts as we were newbies to this. They have 6.5 horsepower. We had to take note about all the different types of flags and other stuff before we were allowed to drive. Soon, we were on the track.



For the first lap, I made two mistakes of the same type, which were poor drifts. For the rest of the other laps during this ride of my life, I did not make any more mistakes.


My mom was quite slow and got a yellow flag, which meant she had to go to the pit-stop. She realised that she was slow because she was pressing both pedals at once.

My dad went fine and fast.

We had to stop soon as a group of pro go kart racers entered the track and I surely did not want to mess up things with them.

Another major event was my first time in a gym. As there was not much to do in the morning before our check out back to Singapore, we decided to try their gym.

In their small gym, I tried their treadmill for 15 minutes at 8 km per hour which was fun business for a first timer. I also tried their elliptical for 5 minutes and I did that at a really fast rate!

That is my short summary of our major events in Malaysia. For heading back, we took a similar reverse route, but instead of walking across the strait, we took a bus as there was no jam.


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