A Day at the Beach

A few Sundays ago, we decided to visit the beach for a picnic and we had a whale of a time!

At 6am on a Sunday morning, we started packing our picnic stuff. Soon enough, we left our house and were on our way to a state of coastal fun!

At approximately 8am, we arrived at our destination which is Changi Beach. We set up the mat quickly while my dad went to get our hot drinks from Changi Village Hawker’s Centre. After he came back, we started a casual breakfast with sandwiches after I had a quick search for Pokémon. The meal was definitely mouth-watering!


With that done, I got a Frisbee we brought in handy. So, I decided to have a match with daddy. Unfortunately, my dad won after a short warm-up with 2-0.

a-day-at-the-beach20161030_090652 a-day-at-the-beach20161030_090857

Before starting our second match, I swam a few laps by the beach, as planned by my parents. They did not want me to swim away from the shoreline as I might not know how far I am from shore. It was tiring, but I got over with it.

As the sun was soon to be above us, we had another quick match with fast rallies. It was extremely exhausting. Thankfully, I have high stamina. So, I had the upper hand in that match and won over dad with a score of 2-1.

As our picnic was soon to end, I took a quick shower before reading a book in my Kindle. However, I was soon distracted by a group of men who played beach volleyball near us. I was watching them and it was real epic. At the same time, a man who went fishing on a kayak came back. Unfortunately for him, he caught nothing, and everyone who were witnessing this were also sad that nothing was caught.

With that, our enjoyable picnic came to a happy ending as we went to the hawker center for lunch before heading home.



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