Doctor Strange (Movie Review)


Ah, the newest Marvel Studio movie was released almost a month ago, so you might be thinking is it too late to watch it? Well, obviously not!

Before I talk about the movie itself, let me talk about the opening. I was surprised that the usual Marvel introduction comics was replaced with a new Marvel cinematic series scenes and they had fitted the word Studios as big as the word Marvel, which made the opening a lot more interesting.

Now let’s talk about the movie itself.

I feel quite sorry for Doctor Strange’s accident. So, these are the silly reasons of his accident (If I were him, I’d rather buy a normal car even if I were rich.)

1: He shouldn’t be talking to anyone on the phone while driving. (Especially on fast Lamborghinis)
2: Fast cars are not good for driving on the hilltops where crashes are deadly. (He’s real rich, so I reckon he had another car)
3: Lastly, he wasn’t even wearing any seatbelt. (It was a miracle that he stayed on his seat the whole time)

Since then, the nerves in his hands were severely injured. So, he couldn’t be a neurosurgeon anymore.L

The Ancient One really changed Dr Strange’s life by making his hands normal again. But, by that time, Dr Strange was already a great Mystical Artist, and was about to save the world against the Dark Lord Dormammurd with his magical gear, the cloak of Levitation and the Sorcerer’s Supreme.

However, through all this time, the Ancient One was holding a dark secret. She wields the power of the Dark Force to fight the bad guys, and her assistant Gordo wasn’t pleased with that.

In the middle of a battle between the Ancient One and the villain and his followers (played by Mads Mikkelson— villain name not revealed) the Ancient One got stabbed by the villain’s sword and dies.

With Gordo and Dr Strange the only two left, will they stand a chance against the villain? You got to watch the movie to know this.


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