Our Dinner at Savour

Last night, the 19th of November, we went for a special dinner at this temporary outdoor place called Savour, organized by DBS. The food was delicious! We arrived at Bayfront Avenue at around 8pm with empty bellies below the iconic Marina Bay Sands. We were excited to see what Savour has in store for us.

We walked across a busy street before taking photos of the beautiful skyscrapers of Singapore. Beyond the restaurant was the Singapore River. Across that was the Fullerton Hotel. The view from the river was a charm.


With that, we entered the outdoor restaurant as we topped up our wristbands which we could use to pay for orders in the food outlets. With that done like lightning, we searched for a vacant table.

It was quite hard to find one as it was it was Saturday and many were here due to their free time in the weekend. 8pm is also the peak hour for dinner time, making the place full with cheerful people. There was live entertainment too, so the atmosphere was loud and fun.

I ate a delicious hotdog which was humongous and drank tasteless sparkling water, which was at least refreshing. My mom and dad ordered something unique that I haven’t seen somewhere else. I guess that’s what they call gourmet.

After a sumptuous dinner, I scurried to try their exciting activities. (Well…I only did one of them, and failed.L) The only activity I did was where you had to hit the bottles with tennis balls. You had to pay 5 bucks for that. However, the more bottles you hit, the more cash you got back. I hit two bottles.

With that fun fulfilled, I decided to have a dessert. So, my dad helped my buy a weird looking donut ice-cream. Despite the fact it had a strange structure, I enjoyed it. It was awesomely mouth-watering. My mom enjoyed it like me too.

As midnight approached, we headed home as I was getting fatigued.

Overall, our dinner there was delicious and we had a great time. However, it would have been better if they added a stage where singers would come up to sing songs and interact with us. That’ll be more entertaining.

They should also add a dance floor.


My Dish

My Dish: Truffle Hound ($12) 100g Prime Beef Frankfurter, Roasted Portobello Mushroom, Garlic & Miso Butter, Ketchup, Truffle Aioli, Melted Truffle Cheese, in a toasted Brioche Bun

Daddy's Dish

Daddy’s Dish: Braised Beef with Marinated Zucchini and Green Sauce ($12) Homemade Soft Roll with Braised Beef, Marinated Grilled Zucchini with Garlic and Green Sauce ( Parsley, Capers, Anchovies, Olive Oil & Vinegar)

Mommy's dish

Mommy’s dish: Half Roasted French Quail ($12) Pearl Barley & Forest Mushrooms Risotto, Pickled Shimeiji, Japanese Buckwheat, Shallots


Dessert: Spanish Flan ($6) Moringa Crumble, Fresh Berries, Apple Blossom

No Picture: Slayer ($12) Old Bay Fried Chicken, Black Truffle Mash, Country Sausage Gravy

No Picture: Donut Softie ($6)Sugared Donut, Egg Nog Soft Serve, Chicken Floss


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