Good bye, Akshit

Dear Akshit,

Before I met you, I felt my life wasn’t complete yet. However, it all changed ever since I met you. We were best friends, through thick and thin, life was at times hard and at others fun. But now they come to an end and I am very heartbroken. I’m not used to have no one by my side in life.

I’ll try to get over with it with great memories together. Honestly, my life would be very different without you. We always got into sometimes got into arguments while playing together. Despite this obstacles, we remained the best buddies throughout childhood. And I really can’t say bye to you now. I just feel I needed more time with you as you were like my brother, friend and neighbor and much more all at the same time. You would be in my heart forever.

You liked my mom’s food, you played with me, and you interacted with my family as if you were an adopted soul in us. The way I see it, it is like you getting lost in the airport and not seeing us for a long time. My mom also thought you important life lessons while you were with us.

Throughout the time we were together, I enjoyed being by your side, we were best buddies in everything. We had little similarities, but I still liked you. I will be your best friend forever, even if you move away from me. We were always different in our opinions, thoughts and attitude which made us argue but made me change my personality deeply.

When we were in pain, we helped each other. I helped you in your studies and you helped me satisfy my life for years. We helped each other in many things and they are all coming to an end.

In the future, I hope I’ll still realise my life has meaning without you. I hope we could still remain in contact for years to come as we both start a new life with new horizons. I wish you enjoy your next life in India. I just hoped you could stay by me as a friend for a little longer as it is too hard to accept such a disappointing fact. Though I’ll get your phone number, it may still be hard to accept such a thing. I may be thinking of visiting you in India.

Though we betrayed each other at times, we would always end up as good friends in the end. Your presence lightened up my day and made me learn life in a different perspective.

I would also like to say goodbye to your parents for being very hospitable whenever I played with you at your house. It would also be quite saddening to not see them for a long period of time.

Our memories would also be gravely etched in my mind as I try to remain happy without you near me.

Good bye, Akshit. I wish to see you in NS.

Yours Sincerely,





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