Forward to Cebu

On the 10th of December 2016, a great voyage of adventure began once again. If you know my home country, you must have known where we’re headed to. Yes, we were retreating to my historic homeland of the Philippines!

I was over the moon as we departed from Changi airport at exactly 12.15pm via Singapore Airline. Though it was sad to say goodbye to all my friends for 20 adventurous days, I was ready for all the surprises we would be offered back at home!


At around 3.30pm, we touched down on a long stretch of runway in Manila’s international airport. We were surely back home. Everything was kind of similar, as if nothing really changed. That gave me the real feeling of seeing my happy relatives in Pampanga and Laguna.


However, that would have to wait as we would have our vacation first in Cebu for 3 days, before taking a 2-hour ferry to Tagbilaran, a city in Bohol Island. We would stay there for 4 days, then we’d take a plane from Tagbilaran back to Manila. Along the way, we will face wonderful activities which will blow us away.

We waited patiently at Manila’s Domestic Airport (Terminal 4) for our flight to Cebu which was at 7.30pm via AirAsia. As we horribly predicted, there was a bad delay which made us wait on our heels impatiently all the way until 8.50pm. Well, at least I could watch movies through the TVs there.


Finally, when we were in the plane, flying a 1-hour flight from Manila to Cebu, we ate a very light dinner. I ate adobo, a native Filipino dish. My parents ate other appetizing but too little in portion cuisines.

When we walked away sleepily and gloomily from Cebu’s domestic airport, we were lucky to find a cab quickly via Grab.

We were outside the hotel’s steps by 11.30pm. The hotel was called Bayfront Hotel.

With that, I flushed out and went to sleep the moment we took entered our room.

What a day!



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