The first day in Cebu City

We woke up, fresh and renewed. We were ready for an exciting day ahead. After a quick bath, we made our way to the hotel’s breakfast hotel which was actually a café called Café Breeze. As the breakfast availability time is really cramped, there was little food spared for us to enjoy with, unfortunately. So, we had tons of space for more of it in our tummies.

After our light breakfast, we made our way to the city center, where the famous and historic Magellan’s Cross was located. When we arrived at the historic landmark, which was through a wide alley way with two major and gargantuan cathedrals along it, we took many shots. I was surprised he was Christian, as all I knew about him was he was a Portuguese Explorer that proved that the Earth was round but was killed in Philippines by Lapu-lapu. Lapu-lapu was a tribe leader in Mactan when Magellan came.


With those moments over, we went to a fast food restaurant called Chowking where we tried a traditional Filipino ice-cream called halo-halo, which was a combination of ice-cream-jelly and other sweets.


With that, we took to the cathedral for mass. It is called Basilica del Santo Nino. There were statues of him and other saints. I took some photos with them.

There was also a painting which talked about a blood compact between the Spanish and the natives of Cebu at that time. A blood compact is a treaty where the people involved sign with their blood, which was shocking and weird in my opinion.

With the mass adjourned, we had lunch, eating sumptuous barbeque at a restaurant called AA BBQ. Along the way to the restaurant, we met homeless folks which made me feel very pitiful and appreciative that we have all the necessities that most humans need.

With that, we advanced on for a ticket center to buy tickets for our ferry to Bohol Island, an island with breathtaking beaches.

Before going there, we went through San Pedro Fort, a fort built by the Spanish in the 1800s, then used as a barracks by the US Army in WWII, and now a famous landmark in the city of Cebu. There, we had a glimpse of old photos of the fort from different angles and learnt the history of this small space. There were many cannons and other fortifications to despite its small size.


After getting those tickets, we headed back to the hotel to take a nap.

For dinner, with ate at an eatery which serves Lechon. Lechon is a crispy Filipino pork. To our dismay, the Lechon was not crispy, meaning we did not enjoy dinner.

With dinner over, we bought some basic stuff from the shopping mall nearby before ending the day.



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