The Ride to Bohol

It’s time to say goodbye to Cebu as we start our voyage to the wonderful island of Bohol.

In the morning, we went to the hotel’s gym for some morning exercise. At 8am, we immediately went for a quick breakfast. We had to be fast as we were worried we would not reach the ferry terminal on time. Despite our worries, the opposite happened.

After checking out, the ride to Cebu Port was quick, so we were an hour early! After going through security, we checked in our luggage and our tickets were given slots in the ferry at 10.40am! (We were supposed to leave at 11.40am)

In glee, we got ready for a two-hour journey to the small island of Bohol. At around 12.40pm, we arrived at the small port of Tagbilaran City. To get things going, we went to the exit, searching for a cabbie to send us to our hotel, South Palm Resort.

Within minutes, we found the perfect driver. He drove us go through the small city of Tagbilaran, across a bridge to a smaller island called Panglao Island. Though the journey was long, it was all worth it. When we finally arrived at the hotel itself, we checked in and learnt all about the hotel’s facilities.



To my amazement, they have a gym, a recreation center with a variety of sports such as table tennis and billiard, 2 swimming pools, an office room, kayaking, stand up paddling, snorkeling and diving services, an area to play beach volleyball and a vast beach. They also have gazebos and a vast restaurant. In my opinion, this hotel was almost perfect and I was already ready to try all their services in store for us with my parents.



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