Our Start in Bohol

After checking in, we headed down a path made out of small stones to our room. The room was actually by itself like a villa. Its roof was made from native materials which my dad said was a kind of palm tree. We just had a delicious lunch and were ready to start fresh with some physical activities. We changed and started the afternoon off with a game of table tennis with my dad. My dad easily won a straight 2-0 though I gave him a tough match. We also played a game of futsal where dad won through luck, literally.


With that done in the recreation center, we walked down to the beach which gave me a sense of calm and serenity though the tide was high.



For a good start, I myself decided to try the hotel’s kayaking services alone. Well…not for long. Anyways, I had to take a few seconds to remember the maneuvers of a kayak when paddling it along the beach. However, I soon got it and was on my way to exploration of the shores.

As I said, I wasn’t alone for long, my dad joined me on my kayaking spree as we kayaked by the beach at a distance. At the end of it, I really felt the tone in my muscles.

With that done, me and my dad put on snorkeling gears on our faces as we swam for the distant waters. We were cautious at the same time as there are sea urchins lurking in the ‘not so friendly waters.’ We snorkeled and bumped into numerous starfishes and other sea creatures.

We also had a quick swim in their first small pool which was facing the calm beach. (There are 2 pools in this hotel)

As that was completed, we ended the great day. We had a quick shower before eating a sumptuous dinner at the same restaurant we ate for lunch. Oh, and the hotel restaurant’s name is Oceania Restaurant.

For the day was closing, we had another quick visit to the recreation center to play ping-pong once again along with billiard. In my opinion, I like this hotel as it has many facilities. And, much  more was about to come…20161213_194659-our-start-in-bohol


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