Our First Whole Day in Bohol

My parents were early birds and woke quite early for a good jog by the sea at the beach while I was asleep. At 7am, they woke me up for breakfast. There breakfast had everything I wanted. (Scrambled egg, Pandesal, Filipino dishes, etc.) And indeed, it was sumptuous.


For that day, we would be staying at the hotel. So, it would be visits to the recreation center and the beach, but would still have adventure, though.

After my heavy breakfast, with the help of my mom, I had to recall on how to properly control a bike as I never drove a bike for a long time already. I was certainly afraid to fall as I rode the vehicle once again. In fact, this unique bikes have bamboo body frames.

After changing into my swimming outfit, I got the hang of the bike and suddenly liked cycling. I decided to cycle to their 2nd deluxe swimming pool which has no beach views unfortunately but is distinctly bigger. However, I still prefer the first pool to this one as it is surrounded by many rooms!

There, I started swimming a few laps with daddy from one end to the other. We then did a few laps of cycling so that I could get full control of the bike. And well…back to swimming for a few more rounds before making a pace to the beach barefooted which was a little painful.


Once again, I tried there kayaking services solo and also tried there stand up paddles. Though a little scary, it was challenging as the controls are complicated. I had a great time figuring and mastering the controls of this boat. Using my knowledge, I helped my mom get the paddles under control.

For lunch, I had a delicious Four Cheese Pizza with a thin crust once I had a fresh bath.




With our tummies full, me and my dad went to the recreation area for another game of table tennis before having a long nap all the way till 4pm. We then had a quick swim before having a rushed bath as we had to catch a jeep sending us to Alona Beach where we would have a sumptuous dinner.

When we arrived there, we made a wrong turn and went to the wrong direction where there were fewer restaurant options. For dinner, I ate pork barbeque. At the right side, we had Halo-Halo for dessert before buying some snacks to eat back at the hotel.

As the time to take the ride back came, we waited for the jeep patiently as we went back to the hotel to sleep. The next day would be a day tour which would have many ups and downs.


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