The Coldplay Concert

It was 31st March, a big day for many. If you live in Singapore, you should know that Coldplay’s here! They would be holding a concert (Head full of Dreams Tour) at the National Stadium on 31th March and 1st April!! Well, we would be watching them on 31st, which was on a Friday.

So immediately after school, I scurried home with excitement shown all over my face. I had a quick and good refreshing shower before leaving our doorstep for Singapore’s national stadium!

We took public transport, ready for a whale of a time amongst the crowd. But before that, we obviously had to have dinner first. We arrived at the Stadium’s iconic Kallang Wave Mall which was just outside Stadium MRT. There is a considerable abundance of food and beverage in the mall. However, we decided to have a typical dinner at the mall’s Foodfare food court.

After our dinner, we headed to the stadium gates! Kallang Wave Mall is near our gate, which was gate 19. We took numerous photos together outside the stadium before heading to the gate itself. We got our tickets ready and successfully went through security. We were officially inside the stadium premises as we continue striding to our seats which were quite far and high from the stage.

Though our category was meant to be restricted, our seats weren’t too bad after all! Aside minor obstructions, we were still able to see the band perform.

Anyways, with still an hour left before the concert began, we took our seats as my dad bought some refreshments in case we became hungry or thirsty in the midst of all the fun.

Opening performance

There were many benefits of taking the sides on the high ground:

1: You could see when the band is coming in through the back of the stage.

2: How the crew works behind the scenes.

3: You don’t feel hot and perspire like all those in the standing pen!

As we adored the chaotic surroundings the final announcements were made to take to your seats as the concert began! From the back, we saw the longing and anticipated Coldplay stars!

Once they took the stage, you could expect the utmost best from them!!!

They played all their famous hits everyone knew, such as Paradise, Hymn of the Weekend, Adventure of a Lifetime, Yellow and much more. Every song they played, I felt I was drunk as I was having too much fun, I didn’t feel like sleeping at all! With the help of the LED lights produced by xyloband, the stadium was like glittered with thousands of stars!!

Xyloband colors

As the concert ended, the band said their thanks they played a great grand finale!

Overall, I enjoyed Coldplay’s style of sing-along with their popular hits and the fact there was no intermission! My favourite performance throughout the concert was Paradise, which is also my favourite Coldplay song!

As the concert has ended, we left the stadium and went to Starbucks for a good dessert with smiles on everyone’s faces. It was a concert worth watching as we took a late train home!!!!

Videos from the concert: