Deep Impact (Movie Review)

Once again, we had another Saturday Night Movie Moment on Netflix! And this time, we went for an old movie. The movie was called ‘Deep Impact’ and was about a comet heading straight for Earth!

With the help of an observation from a young amateur astronomer about an unknown object in the sky, an astronomer discovers that it is actually a comet that it is going to hit Earth! So, when government officials get to know about the terrifying news, they make up a plan which is held secret for one whole year so that the public would not be shocked by the supposedly ‘Earth’s End.’ However, when a reporter Jenny Lerner learns about the meteor, she forces the US president to reveal the plan in the White House ahead of schedule.

The plan was to send out a space team to destroy the comet with lethal nuclear warheads. However, the plan drastically fails and left one crew member dead and another blind. Thankfully, they still were in the game and had a new leader to lead the mission as they head back towards Earth to stop the comet that has now split into two.

On Earth, the media has suspected that the crew was dead, and the worst has yet to come. So, as a back-up plan, the government would select 800,000 thousand people who would go to an underground facility that can be a home for 2 long years. The chosen ones would go to the facility a few days before the meteor hits Earth!

Fortunately, when the crew of the spaceship send a transmission to NASA that they are still out in space, their call was received and together, they sketch a final plan to try to destroy the bigger meteor as they could not do anything with the first.

Will the plan succeed? Well…you have to watch the movie. Overall, it was a great one and I wish I could see more space movies similar to that one!


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