Inception (Movie Review)

Once again, we had another Saturday night movie time on Netflix. And this time, we watched the mind-boggling yet action-packed movie ‘Inception’. And I have to say this fictional and mostly dreaming film is really realistic despite the fact that you are in a dream, and you go to another dream… which is quite nonsensical.

We all start in a dream at a Japanese temple, where we get to know the 2 main characters in the story, Dom Cobb and Arthur. We get to know that they were hired to extract information from a businessman’s mind. They fail their mission and got ready to abort the mission. However, when things don’t go to plan, Cobb gets forced to accept the businessman’s offer: to suggest an idea through a dream, or an inception. Which was very tough. Despite Arthur’s pleads to let the offer through, Cobb accepted the offer for one reason. To redeem himself as a father.

As Cobb looks for old acquaintances to build a strong team to fulfill the objectives, we get to know why he wants redemption. It was because of his wife’s death, Mal. It all started when Mal and Cobb come back to their senses after dreaming of building their own city. Mal starts to be obsessed with the idea that reality is just a dream itself and that they have to kill themselves to wake up to reality. While Cobb tries to convince her that they’re in the real world, his words fall in deaf ears as Mal eventually commits suicide by dropping from a hotel building in their first anniversary.

As Mal is etched in Cobb’s subconscious, she always shows up in his dreams to sabotage his missions. And her presence in this dream might mean life or death!

Overall, this confusing film is really a masterpiece and I suggest all thrill seekers to watch this film!


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