The Client (Movie Review)

It’s Saturday night again, and its movie time!

And this time, we go to a late 1990s movie which is called ‘The Client’. Not only is this movie twisty, we also get to see comedy and action from all the parties that make this movie very satisfactory!

It starts in a small town in Memphis where a young boy and his little brother live. The boy steals cigarettes from his mom before going to the forests to do the puffing. Their peace is interrupted when they witness an attorney’s suicide who shot himself in the mouth. But before he killed himself, he told the boy about where the body of a dead senator is buried, presumably killed by the mafia which is his client.

With the little brother traumatized and in shock and the mother jobless, the young boy is left to fend for himself. When the FBI uses the fingerprints inside the car as evidence against him, making him vital for questioning. Fortunately, he finds a lawyer called Reggie Love who decides to help him in his plight.

However, as the news spreads like wildfire, the mafia of New Orleans learn about the problem and threatened the boy, stating that if he says anything about the event to the FBI or the police, everyone he knows will die.

As such, the boy has to make up a plan to find out if the body of a dead senator is indeed buried in a place that the suicidal lawyer told him. With the help of his lawyer, he will then use this information to get protection for his entire family from the FBI. The mafia also know the body’s location and would be disposing him soon so that the FBI have no case against them. It’s a race between the mafia and the duo, the boy and his lawyer.

Would the boy confirm the senator’s remains location before the mafia has a chance to retrieve it? Well, you have to find out yourself!

Overall, this movie has a charming background as we learn about how kids have a lot of potential to win it!


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