Wonder Woman (Movie Review)

I have to admit, the previous DC movies of the same franchise weren’t complimented by many critics. However, we all finally get the DC movie everyone has anticipated! Yes, as you all know, Wonder Woman is seriously hitting the world by storm after receiving a lot of praises for the first time as a DCEU movie! It is really taking the world by storm ever since its release in early June and the craze seems to be inevitably continuing! So, when I got the chance to watch it, I have to say it is not overrated and really worth it!

The movie takes place in World War 1, the climax of the Great War! Wonder Woman is an Amazonian raised in Themyscira, a peaceful paradise island not known to foreigners due to the fact that Zeus, the God of all Gods hid this place from the world.

However, when a British pilot called Steve Trevor goes through the shield that hides the island from the outer world and then crash lands in the sea, Wonder Woman saves him, only to bring the Germans to discover the place as well. So, when the Germans land on the beaches of Themyscira, a battle rages between the Amazonians and the Germans, resulting in the loss of the Amazonian general, Hippolyta! Wonder Woman mourns the death of the woman whom had trained her all those years to become a warrior while the Amazonian Queen, Antiope captures Steve Trevor for interrogation. With the help of the Lasso of Truth, Steve talks about World War 1.

Thinking that Ares, the God of War is behind the war, Wonder Woman sets foot on the outside world and learns about normal being’s habits, laws and tech in London before going to the front lines to hunt Ares down. With the help of Steve’s associates, they venture all the way to German Headquarters successfully, where Wonder Woman makes the final step to end war.

Will she be able to defeat Ares and end war? You have to get that answer by watching the movie!


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