Book Review: Jupiter Pirates: Rise of Earth

Jupiter Pirates Rise of Earth.jpg

The 3rd book of the fantastic Jupiter Pirates franchise, ‘Rise of Earth’ is about the Jovian Unions relations with Earth. This masterpiece should keep you eyed on the book until the very end.

If you haven’t read the other two books of the Jupiter Pirate series, I suggest you read them as soon as possible. If you insist on not doing that, here is a little background info. The series follows the great voyages of the Hashoone family. Led by Diocletia Hashoone, the family have the wits and guts that make them a hard opponent. Their ship is called ‘Shadow Comet’. The Hashoones are part of the Jovian Union, and works under letters of marque, which gives them authority to capture ships operating under different factions.

With the relationship between Earth and the Jovian Union reaching a climax, Earth’s leaders decide to let ships also have a letter of marque to capture Jovian Union ships! With tensions high, the Hashonnes fly to Cybele, a moon believed to be neutral during that time but a vital one that would be the turning point of the war if any of the factions win there. However, both affiliations didn’t know what Cybele had in store for them. They had actually allied with the Saturnians, or the Ice Wolves, as a matter of fact.

Anyways, the Hashonnes were stuck in Cybele after some childish actions by Earth escalated into a battle, causing negotiations to take place in Cybele. And the funny thing was they were thought table manners. Yes… I’m not joking.

With more evidence linking to the battle, the Hashonnes get to realise the real enemy… when it is too late. The emotional event has now made the race for captain much more complicated!

Also made by Jason Fry, I know this is a book to enjoy gravely!

Name: Jupiter Pirates: Rise of Earth

Age Group: 8-12

Publisher: HarperCollins Books

Genre: Action and Adventure


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