Book Review: The Ethan I Was Before

The Ethan I Was Before

This famous writing has a really emotional plot that kept me flipping page by page like a cheetah. Emotions struck me as I learnt about a guilty and broken Ethan who attempts to leave his past behind.

Ethan, a typical boy from Boston, was presumed to have murdered a girl called Kate during a party. With Kate’s family fuming mad at their devastating loss, Ethan and his family moved to Palm Knot, a quiet yet mysterious town, where Ethan’s uncle lived. There, Ethan made new friends who had different opinions about him. Soon, however, he met his second Kate called Coralee.

Though Kate and Coralee had a lot of differences, Ethan and she got along very well, and they soon formed a relationship. Their parents seemed to be okay with it… until events of the past started affecting Ethan again, making wrong choices in their relationship, which caused his parents to consider going back to Boston.

Through all that, the story of Ethan and Kate got deeper and deeper, as you’ll soon realise how Kate was accidentally murdered and what happened after that.

Coralee and Ethan had a few memorable adventures together. One distinct one was the incident at Blackwood House, when Ethan and Coralee bumped into a short and mysterious figure, who seemed to be looking for something in a coat hung outside. As Coralee had a box in her hands which she took from that coat. The duo made a run for their lives and had to find a way to make sure it was in safe hands.

The story also has this specific character called Susan who is Ethan’s friend, but is an obstacle between Ethan and Coralee’s relationship since she likes to tell rumours about Coralee. However, there is one secret which is true: Coralee lies!

Before I tell you anymore sickening spoilers about this emotional masterpiece, I suggest you read the book yourself.

Name: The Ethan I Was Before

Author: Ali Standish

Publisher: HarperCollins

Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Age Group: 8-12


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