Pristine Lake Tekapo

With the suspenseful ride seemingly miles away from ending, the turquoise blue waters of Lake Tekapo suddenly appeared over the horizon and my oh my was it breath-taking!

The lake was formed 17 millenniums ago, back in the primitive ice age, when the glaciers melted while its distinct turquoise colour can be attributed to glacial flour suspended in the water. The reflection from the lake made it much more impressive.


Driving into the holiday park which overlooked the lake with astounding views, we had a quick check-in before going to our tent site, located at the far end of the park, crowded with other sites nearby. All in all, that park had approximately 200 plus sites, and none of them were available. Imagine that!

Setting up the tent quickly to reveal the phone’s whereabouts, we found in right where my mom guessed it was, which resulted rants from her that would last the rest of the afternoon.

Hanging around at the park’s playground, I finally got to meet other kids, which satisfied me greatly before having steak for dinner.

With the sky clear for the night, we hope the weather would remain consistent for the night as we anticipated constellation of stars in the night sky. Our wish was granted.

That night, the sky was crystal clear, and countless stars could be spotted everywhere. Changing the camera’s settings, my dad tweaked the camera so it could capture the milky way galaxy, which worked like a charm. Since it could not be seen with the naked eye, seeing the galaxy live for the first time was jaw dropping.

Admiring the sky for the next couple of hours, we slept at midnight,

The next morning, we had the normal breakfast before doing our typical morning walks.

Today, we walked through the center of Lake Tekapo, first stopping at the historical Church of the Good Shepherd, an icon in the town. Built in the 1800s, it is an old building that had gone through many renovations to look modern and still conducts mass regularly.

After having our packed lunch there, we continued trailing out of town, in search for Lupins in the masses. In case you have no idea what’s that, it’s a purple flower that looks rather pretty and has a refreshing aroma my mom loves.

Just outside town, we found the grand prize. Following a trail that was supposed to lead to a beach and a ski area nearby, we came across Lupins in abundance.

Elated with our findings, we captured some pictures before heading back to camp, first passing by the supermarket to get some groceries and ice cream to cool down ourselves. I also tried the flying fox.

Back at the park, I hung out at the playground for the rest of the afternoon before doing some journaling. We had dinner and, looking at the sky, felt blessed that we came yesterday. It was cloudy that evening and seemed not to be differing.

Settling down for the night, we were faced with a new dilemma. Mount Cook or Wanaka? We had this problem as Cook had some fantastic views that topped Wanaka, but at the same time was having some rough weather forecast.

Of course, we preferred better weather as we did not want to face wet or windy weather, we just weren’t up for it. We would only make our final decision tomorrow.

Boxing Day Madness

Having not waken up at 6am for quite a while, we managed the predicament as we tried to leave as early possible to reach Christchurch before lunch time.

After a light omelette to soothe our stomachs, we got to work, quickly packing our possessions and disassembling our tent.

Despite having a couple of minor mishaps along the way, our things and tent were completely packed only 15 minutes behind schedule, which was a proud feat, supporting the fact we took nearly 2 hours to pack up the previous session.

Just when we thought we were all good, disaster struck nastily. My mom could not find her phone. And when we realise it was nowhere to be found, we saw a side of her we rarely saw, sympathetically for my dad, who was responsible for that belonging. Nonetheless, there was nothing we could do now as it was probably in the compressed tent. Now, we were 45 minutes late. Talking about a good head start on Boxing Day.

Worriedly looking for fuel in the middle of nowhere with a low tank that was only good for 30 more kilometers, we eventually arrived at the rural Arthur’s Pass village. After refuelling at their expensive petrol station, we made the 150km dash to Christchurch, hoping to get some time back, as we drove under the low cloud that gave away some surreal photos. Being a public holiday, we thought that there would be no problem.

Well, there was. The bad weather along the twisting state highway slowed us down a tad and finding parking at the outlet shop on Boxing Day is like a maze.

Through all that, we were soon out of our car, walking the streets of Christchurch on a cloudy day.

At the outlet mall, we first bought some sleek sunglasses before going on to Puma’s outlet store to buy some sports gear. It had a rather long queue.

With 2 hours of our 3-hour parking limit miraculously gone, we had lunch at Macdonald’s before resupplying on food and drink for our meals to come. That filled the 3rd hour, meaning it was ‘so long’ Christchurch.

Our next pit-stop would be at Lake Tekapo’s township, where we would find out whether mom’s phone was indeed in the tent, which worried us. Another agony was that apparently weather wasn’t so good either. We would have to find all of that out after the 2-hour ride that was still to come.