Adventurous Wanaka

Well, based on the title of this entry, you’ll know where we are heading to next. Yep. To the lakeside town of Wanaka. The bothersome weather at Mt Cook was just to risky for us to bet on.

Leaving Lake Tekapo in the morning, we survived the two-hour ride to Wanaka, which featured the partially windy mountain ranges that overlooked Mt Cook, passing by the serene Lake Pukaki too.

From the outskirts of the lakeside township, we noticed a lot of holiday traffic, which meant that the town was going to be real busy, which supported the fact that there was going to be a festival nearby at Cardrona Valley.

Checking-in on the spot, we were grateful the campsite still had lots available, as it was running out of vacancies by the second.

Having lunch at the famous Big Fig, which served us small servings in my opinion, we had dessert at the chocolatey Patagonia Café, which, you would’ve guessed served sweet ice-cream.

Returning to camp, we pitched our tent, observing that we had some boisterous neighbours. Hopefully they wouldn’t be that outspoken over the period of our stay.

Before dinner, we had a dip at the lake’s cool 20 degree waters, which refreshed us on the scorching day. Dinner itself was simple, with my mom whipping up an easy meal.

That night, sleep came easy for us, although our neighbours came back pretty loud and drunk, which irritated security. Despite that, everything was hushed within half an hour and I was back in dreamland.

After breakfast the next morning, we made our way to town, where we were ready to go on a bike along the lake’s bay. Hiring bikes from a sport outlet, we were soon on the road, excited for a leisure cycle. We were about to be bamboozled.

Taking the route the guide suggested, we were led through sandy beaches, rough terrain and edgy cliffs, which put our fitness…my parent’s fitness to the test.

Eventually, we arrived at our checkpoint, Albert Town through thick and thin without much injury. There, we ate at its renowned bakery which served fresh pastries before making our way back, although exhausting as well, was easier since we knew the trail.

Fatigued after our, I should say ‘traumatising’ biking experience, we had kebabs for lunch and once again, having ice-cream as dessert at a different gelato store before heading back to the park.

Most of the afternoon went through with a snap, with me just journaling and mom preparing dinner.

With my parent’s muscles really sore from all that painful biking, they decided to use the parks’ hot tub as their last thing of the day while I loitered at the playground.

That night, sleep came much harder than expected, with our neighbours talking like elephants. Thankfully, they were kicked out by security after an hour of non-stop screaming as we dozed off, recuperating energy for our New Year’s stop of Queenstown.


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