Bonjour! My name is Albert! I was born here in Singapore but my parents are from the Philippines. They’ve been living here since 2001. I am now 10 years old.

_DSC6173 about me

I decided (together with my parents) to study French as my second language which I am required to have one by MOE (Ministry of Education). I’ve been studying it for four years already. With the help of my teachers, I’m now able to write and speak French .

I like reading, writing, playing the piano, playing sports such as soccer and swimming, and school of course. I started to like reading  books the moment I could read. Reading makes my mind at ease so I like to read before I go to bed. I also like writing, especially when we travel. My mom encouraged me to keep a travel journal so I can write down all the good memories and wonderful experiences. Playing the piano is another activity that relaxes my mind. I practice almost everyday for an hour and attend piano lessons at Sonare piano school once a week.

As you know, sports can keep you fit and healthy. We could also develop our other core values such as sportsmanship. I play soccer with my friends who are from around my block while I swim at our neighbourhood’s swimming complex twice a week (and sometimes thrice a week).

Why do I like school?! School is something we should appreciate and not take for granted. Without school, we would not know how to read and write and we would not be able to understand the world around us. We would never experience life lessons which we may face when we are adults again. To those who can go to school and study, we should be thankful because other kids from  Asia, Middle East and Africa don’t have such opportunity.

Actually, I have another favourite: watching movies and TV shows such as Star Wars, House, and many others from the past such as The Murder She Wrote, Bill Cosby Show, Mash, Macgyver and The A-Team. But Star Wars is my most favourite!

The only think I dislike are chocolates. But here are my exceptions: chocolate ice-cream and chocolate brownies. I hate the rest because of the sugar content. And well… you’d think it’s weird but I also hate it naturally for some strange reason. My dislike for sweet things makes my parents call me a Martian, which makes me at the end of my tether.

Hope you know more about me now! Good Bye,  Au Revoir! And hope you enjoy reading my travel posts in my blog!


2012 NY

My first travel journal. I was 7 when I wrote this.

2013 Victoria

I wrote this in 2013 and I was 8.

2013 Boracay

I was also 8 when we traveled to the Philippines.

2014 Munich

I wrote this when I was 9.

2015 Auckland

This is my recent journal. I was 10 when i wrote this.



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