Roald Dahl’s Mischief and Mayhem

Almost the whole world knows one of the most famous storyteller ever, Roald Dahl. He had written many masterpieces such as ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, ‘Matilda’, and many others. And you must certainly know the humor and pranks each storybook had in store for you! It was actually because Roald Dahl was also a real trickster in school. In fact, he played many jokes on his “very strict and formidable” teachers. Fortunately for us, they are all found in a book called ‘Boy,’ which I surely suggest you to read!

This book is about how to prank anyone, from friends to family. Roald Dahl had also done some of the tricks mentioned in this book before.

First, the book would give an extract of Roald Dahl’s famous characters performing cunning tricks on their victims. After that, the book would ask you to do something similar, but different in a way. It would tell you the tips and steps on how to make the trick successful. Each trick has its own difficulty, with 1 star tricks the easiest and 3 star tricks the hardest. Unfortunately, some of the 3 star tricks are impossible to fulfill.

There are 5 major chapters in this book. Here they are, presented in a list.

1: Stick
2: Tricky
3: Yucky
4: Mischievous
5: Simply vile

At the end of each chapter, you’d be given two quizzes. The first one is called, “Spot the Mischief Maker,” where the reader has to guess one of Roald Dahl’s famous characters with the help of the description and pictures. (This one’s easy as I got all the five quizzes correct.) However, here comes the hard part.

The second quiz is like a group of questions based on one or a group of Roald Dahl’s storybooks. This one is hard as the questions may be very detailed. Out of the 5 quizzes, I only got one correct. In my opinion, this is the easiest among the five.

The answers could be found at the back of the book.

Once you’re done with the book, I suppose you are ready to create mischief and mayhem yourself. Good luck!


Title: Roald Dahl’s Mischief and Mayhem
Author: Roald Dahl
Illustrator: Quentin Blake
Age Group: 6-12
Publisher: Puffin Books

The Ragamuffin Mystery (Book Review)

A few days ago, I had just finished a book called the Ragamuffin mystery. As the title said, it was full of suspense, mystery, deception and action which I really enjoyed a lot.

Four kids, namely Barney, Snubby, Diana and Roger were on a holiday with their Aunt Polly. They also brought their pets along, particularly Looney the Black Spaniel and Miranda the Monkey. The kids love action, mystery and adventure and were excited to get some during their holiday near beautiful Merlin’s Cove.

After that encounter, the group hid the letter in a safe place near in there caravan as the man Snubby faced was also in the hotel.

To my surprise, the letter was stolen by the hotel owner’s son. He is a mischievous boy who found the letter with ease in the caravan after breaking in it, also releasing Looney the Spaniel, which barked like mad in search for Snubby, his best friend. The children weren’t happy to see Sunbby get out as the man which stole the letter would recognize Snubby, and he did. So Snubby had to be in exile at a nearby town away from the  man who wanted to get him.

Soon, the gang realized that the man and his friends were doing some sinister deals about precious goods after overhearing a fight between this sailor called Morgan and the man.

From what they’ve heard, the deal would take place on Friday, keeping the children in suspense. Would they stop the mission which would lead to a startling discovery of the cold-hearted sailors? You have to read the book.


Title: The Ragamuffin Mystery
Author: Enid Blyton
Illustrator: Eric Rowe
Age group: 8-12
Publisher: Award Publications Limited

The Catcher in the Rye (Book Review)

A few days ago, I had just finished reading the tween, teen and adult favourite, “The Catcher in the Rye”. And, I should agree with the reviews in Amazon that it is a good one!

It all started with a college man named Holden Caulfield being kicked out by the Pencey School’s headmaster, Mr. Turmur. He decided to be back home on Wednesday after being kicked out on Saturday. He knew his parents would have a talk with Mr. Turmur and planned to go back on Wednesday because if he went too soon, his parents would scold him a whole lot unlike after a long time after his parents had digested what has gone wrong in whole.

He was on a hill, waiting for his professor he would say bye to. He was his history professor. Actually, the reason he was being kicked out was because he flunked in almost all his subjects, except English. Well, even if he passed English, his results would not be enough for him to stay in Pencey College. The college is actually one of the top colleges in the town which is nearby New York City, the Big Apple.

Now, I would tell you a little about Holden Caulfield. He is an 18 year old man who has grey hair and has very few friends. Before he was kicked out, he had a roommate called Stradlater who is a bit older than him. He is an athlete. Another acquaintance of Holden’s is Ackley, who has a lot of pimples on his face.

As there was still many more days before Holden goes back to his kingdom, he went to this hotel where he waited for a few days before moving to his professor’s house after some misunderstandings with the bellhop of the hotel. Unfortunately, he left the professor’s house for some reason.

If you want to know what happened on the five long days, you’ve got to read the book yourself.



Title: The Catcher in the Rye
Author: J.D. Salinger
Publisher: Penguin Books
Age group: 11+

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (Book Review)

Bruno is a nine-year old boy who lives in a house in the city of Berlin. His life is also quite normal, with his three best friends for life and his twelve-year old sister, Gretel who teams up with all her friends to mock him. His father is a proud Nazi captain at the Auschwitz concentration camp while her mother is a housewife. Bruno enjoys his life very much.

However, one fine day, his mother has one unraveling and unfortunate surprise: they’re going to move to another house in Poland which is near the camp. Reluctantly, with no other choice and with the fact he can’t be an independent man, he and the whole family, including his house maiden, Maria, and a few other house assistants move to the new house. It’s called Out-With too, for a special reason. In sadness, all that Bruno can do is just hope that they’ll move back to their old home in the ‘foreseeable future,’ as his father says.

In spite of the promise, Bruno’s old memories start fading away. Since he’s a good explorer, he decided to explore the place around him despite the fact their house is isolated. One boring day, after his lessons with his teacher, Her Liszt, he sees a dot while strolling. The dot becomes a speck and into a figure and into a boy in striped pajamas. He is like everyone else on the other side of the fence. His name is Shumel. When they meet, they realize they have many similarities. But it will be hard to keep his private friend a secret.

After many successful attempts of escaping from being spotted with his secret friend, he asks his dad why the boys on the other side of the fence wear striped pajamas which… his father doesn’t answer. So he does his own research and many other events occur at the exact moment. To his surprise, after one year of staying in Auschwitz, his mother announced that the family (except his father) will be moving back to Berlin. So, he and Shumel make a plan for their final adventure. Will it be a fun one? You would have to read the book.

Based on a true story, learn more from the author who experienced WWII and learn more of the Auschwitz concentration camp.


Title: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Author: John Boyne
Age group: 8-12
Book type: Storybook (vintage classic)

The Graveyard Book (Book Review)

During our holiday in Bali, I decided to read this book called The Graveyard Book. It has 7 long chapters and each one is about 30 pages long and I literally have to say that this is one of the best books Neil Gaiman has ever written.

Nobody Owens, called Bod, is a normal human being. The only big thing that is different about him is that he is raised in a graveyard and taught by creepy ghosts in the cemetery.

When Bod was a baby, Mr Jack Frost murdered his whole family. Luckily, Bod was able to escape without  any idea that he was being followed. He fled restlessly to the graveyard where he met his new dead parents, Mr and Mrs Owens and his new and protective guardian, Silas. Silas was able to make Mr. Jack turn back whom got tricked by Silas’s lies.

As Bod grew, he explored the graveyard and met many people buried here throughout time such as Mother Slaughter and Caius Pompeius. He is a very curious boy who likes Silas and his parents a lot. He went on adventures enduring many new spooky discoveries around the old place. He had different teachers who teach him many things.

However, he sometimes broke rules and left the graveyard. This got him into trouble with his dead protectors. They didn’t want the little boy to leave the graveyard yet as real danger lurked outside the graveyard what I meant is Mr Jack was still on the ferocious hunt for the crucial baby.

Soon, Bod grew older and started knowing more about his lethal and bloody family history. He started to search for the killer and soon knew it was Jack from his good friend Scarlet. They had met before when they were quiet young, at the age of 5 and met again at the age of 15.

As Bod was a teenager by then, he was allowed to leave the graveyard to do whatever he wanted. So, he decided to hunt for the killer. When Bod met a man called Mr Frost, he sent him privately to a room where his parents died and revealed his true colors. He was actually Mr Jack! So, a tough fight between Jack and Bod begins.

When Bod realizes that Jack was part of an organization called the Jack of all trades, he knew more Jacks were chasing him. His guardians, who were actually tough predators were also helping Bod finish a mission in Krakow, which was to stop the Jack of all Trades. So, Bod was by himself.

Will Bod survive the fight? You’ve got to read the book.


Title: The Graveyard Book
Author: Neil Gaiman
Illustrator: Chris Riddel
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Awards: Carnegie Medal 2010
Age Group: 10+

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Book Review)


On the 16th of June 2016, I completed this book called The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It was written by Robert Louis Stevenson, also the author of Treasure Island. The book is full of suspense and interesting vocabulary which I had to look up in the dictionary, which I liked.

Mr. Gabriel John Utterson is a lawyer who lived in London. These mystical events of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde happened in the 1800s. The city of London was astir when a highly respected politician was murdered by a cunning man called Mr. Hyde.

Before that, Mr. Utterson has been keeping a lookout on his actions and suspects him of blackmailing his college chum, Dr. Jekyll, one year ago. The suspicion all started when the serious lawyer was having one of his usual strolls with his friends which he called cousin instead. His name is Mr. Enfield.

When they were entering a corner at this bustling street of London, the so-called cousins came to this filthy and rundown two-level building with no windows. The griminess of the structure revealed obvious neglect. It then led to this story shared by Mr. Enfield to Mr. Utterson. It was about a man who injured a child on the street at 4am in the morning. The child cried and Mr. Enfield chased the culprit. Other onlookers had already assembled to aid the child’s injuries. When Mr. Enfield caught the scoundrel, the onlookers and the child’s parents were very angry at the suspect called Mr. Hyde.

However, Mr. Hyde just gave out a smirk and made a deal that he would pay a 100 pounds but was objected by the furious parents.

All Mr. Hyde did was enter the house which Dr. Enfield and Mr. Utterson were standing before them, grabbed a key from his pocket and was back with 10 pounds of gold and the rest in check. Although it seemed fake, it was indeed genuine. So, all that Mr. Enfield could think off was blackmail as he also noticed that the address of where the check was from was different! The bizarre discovery of this made Mr. Utterson lost in words. He actually knew the man who was blackmailed. The man is called Dr. Jekyll. That was how it all started.

Now, the lawyer is on the hunt for this sinister man with the help of the London cadet cops. He soon finds the connection and truth about the two men in this series of events which is too startling to bear!

Name: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Adapted by: Stacy Savran
Illustrated by: Eva Clift
Cover Art: Richard Martin
Publisher: Masterwork Books
Age Group: 10-15

The Story of Doctor Dolittle (Book Review)

Doctor Dolittle works as a neighbourhood professional doctor who owns too many pets as he likes animals as a rich man! So, his regular customers soon stopped visiting him for medical advice as they are not very keen of keeping the pets as company as there was just too much. Soon, he went bankrupt since he could not pay the banks without any business. When he thought everything was lost, one of his final customers recommended him to be an animal doctor instead as he also knew a whole lot about animals, with the help of his pets to speak multiple animal languages, too. As a final gamble to live without poverty, he changed his destiny and realized that customer was right all along. However, when a circus crocodile comes to his aid, he decides to keep it as one of his own. Which… made the customers are worried that their pets would be eaten by him although the crocodile promised. So, the whole story started again. And just before they felt it was all over, with a huge amount of debt, and with only two pennies left, the monkeys of Africa call for his aid as an unknown disease spreads. However, still poor, their friendly neighbors provided them with the equipment they needed. So, they set of in an exciting and adventurous journey where they encounter friendly allies, mysterious animals and fearsome enemies, such as the king of Jollinginki, who chases them after successfully escaping his dungeons when they arrived there! Will they survive the epic adventure and be rich again? You would have to read the book. With this classical book written by a classical author, learn the fun and adventure you would have with your friends, or pets!



Book title: The story of Doctor Dolittle

Age group: 9 to 12

Book type: storybook

Printed location: England

Author: Hugh Lofting

docto dolittle