The Scorch Trials

Ever since reading The Maze Runner, which was just a masterpiece, I could not wait to get my hands on James Dashner’s dystopia sequel, “The Scorch Trials”. When I finally got it from my school library, I wasn’t disappointed. Just like its predecessor, this book is another page turner which of course left me in awe and ready for the next one. Anyways, let’s get started.

After finally escaping the Maze, Thomas and his fellow Gladers thought it was all over. No more problems to solve, no more challenges, no more lethal tests. They were wrong. The Maze was just the beginning.

WICKED, (World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department) a group of scientists and governments are the ones who spearheaded the experiments in order to not only test how their subjects react to the multiple experiments they conduct, but to possibly create a new era of superhumans.

As Thomas continues regaining memories off his past life before joining the chaos of the Maze, he and his friends now face phase 2 of WICKED’s tests, The Scorch Trials.

After finally being rescued by a group of anonymous people, the group go back into chaos as not only is The Scorch Trials harder than it sounds, there is a time limit in which the group have to reach a certain checkpoint since they have caught a disease called the Flare, which would cause them to become Cranks, a maniac that has no utter sense of compassion and has a love for blood, which technically makes them zombies.

A man in a white suit, who is called Rat Man releases them back into a destroyed and scorching hot world where the Gladers face deadly storms, another Group of survivors that has orders to kill Thomas and outrageous, psychopathic Cranks.

Would Thomas and his friends go through the horrors of the Scorch? Well, you have to read the book.

Name: The Scorch Trials
Author: James Dashner
Publisher: Chicken House
Age Group: 10-15


The Last Battle

Here comes another good book review, this time about the final instalment of the Chronicles of Narnia, The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis. A few months ago, I also read the first and most popular book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

As always, I wasn’t disappointed and the book was certainly above expectations. What a great way to end a lovable series!

We start off in the far west of Narnia, in a forest where an Ape, called Shift and a donkey, called Puzzle, live. At that point in time, the World of Narnia was at peace and all three creatures were living happily in this enchanted place.

However, as you know, things don’t always stay the same…

When the duo finds a piece of Lion Skin which was left unattended in a river near a waterfall, the Ape, also considered the ‘Smart’ one, asks Puzzle to get it and examine it.

After retrieving the piece of skin which was left by a hunter who killed a lion previously, Shift decides to make a coat for Puzzle, who disagrees with his idea since it is insulting Aslan, the righteous ruler of Narnia. However, Shift, acting like a smart-alec, explains to Puzzle that wearing the coat would make Narnia bow to them, also suggesting that the fact the skin was given to them was an act by the real Aslan.

Back in the main city of Narnia, the current king, King Tirian, is having a peaceful rule over the city. However, one fine evening while chatting with his best friend, Jewel, a centaur, named Roonwit, explains that Narnia is in grave danger, based on what the future holds from the stars.

Soon enough, chaos strikes in the world of Narnia as Puzzle, the fake Aslan is presented in Calormene, where the beasts celebrate for his return. However, its not the fake Aslan who is running the show, it is the Ape, Shift!

Will King Tirian stop the Calormenes, now their enemy and the deceitful Ape? Well you have to read this epic finale!

Name: The Last Battle
Author: C.S. Lewis
First Published: 1956 by The Bodley Head
Age Group: 7-12

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Today, I would be reviewing a fantastically written book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, titled “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. This book is a short story and is about the life of a strange man called Benjamin Button.

In the summer of 1860, the Button family, a family tending to be ahead of style, decided to deliver their first baby in the hospital, which wasn’t common at that period as babies were usually born at home.

Anyhow, after months of waiting anxiously, Mr Roger would finally get to see his new-born in the nursery room. However, he would be getting a surprise that would haunt him for the following months to come.

After a nervous yet exciting walk to the hospital, he bumped into the family physician, Doctor Keene, who rudely dismissed him into seeing the baby himself. Well, Mr Roger definitely was outraged when he first set sight on his boy.

At first, it all seemed to be a fictional dream, an old man being born, but now, Roger frantically knew that it was reality and could not believe what he saw. Inevitably, he accepted the fact about what his son would become as an old man forever, most likely.

Once the old man was dressed with some formal clothes that were weirdly the only ones that seemed to suit him, the life of Benjamin Button began.

Benjamin seemed to have the attitude of an old man, he hated formal clothes, wanted a cane and also had weird wants and needs. He obviously did not like the toys Mr Roger bought for hm. Nevertheless, he still knew his father was forced in order to keep face. So, he used them every now and then.

As his first years swept past him, Benjamin realised a phenomenon. He was getting younger and also was willing to wear long trousers, a practice old people don’t do. It soon dawned to them that Benjamin was living life in reverse.

What would happen to Benjamin as his unique life continues? Well, you got to read the book.

Overall, I found this book very funny and appreciative to read about as I sort of felt grateful that we are living life normally. Anyways, this book is no doubt a good read and you should try to get it soon.

Name: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Published year: 1922
Age Group: 8-12

(Book Review) Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

If you have noticed, I had not been posting book reviews for quite a while, which is quite saddening. Well, thankfully, I’m back with another pastime favourite, Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment!

Written with a lot of cracky jokes, this book has the humorous charm that keeps the reader entertained and has the action that thrills the reader to read more. So I have to say James Patterson really sweated blood to make this masterpiece!

So basically, in this book, we learn more about mutants, like the X-men of some sort, which is really interesting as I hadn’t got any proper story of what mutants are. Well, the type of mutants this book is dealing with are avians, who had been genetically modified in the treacherous ‘School.’ Thus, destroying their normal human selves and turning them into human freaks.

Max and her flock had seen the treachery for quite a long time but had finally escaped the ‘School’ and now live in the peaceful mountains in an unknown region. For 4 years, they had not been discovered by the mad scientists of the Schools or the Erasers, genetically enhanced humans who could morph into wolf-like brats, who could lay their fingers on avians, only to take little damage.

The flock, for the first 2 years were taken care by a runaway scientist called Jeb, who helped them escape. However, he mysteriously disappeared. Assumed dead, the flock lives by themselves in the lush mountains!

Unfortunately, when the Erasers make a sudden appearance on the Flock’s doorstep, they ambush them and successfully kidnap the flock’s youngest member, Angel.

With the Flock on the chase for their lost one, we learn more about this witty gang and the war against the mad scientists. Trust me, it’s very exciting. So just read it!

Name: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Author: James Patterson

Genre: Suspense thriller

Age Group: 8-16

Book Review: The Ethan I Was Before

The Ethan I Was Before

This famous writing has a really emotional plot that kept me flipping page by page like a cheetah. Emotions struck me as I learnt about a guilty and broken Ethan who attempts to leave his past behind.

Ethan, a typical boy from Boston, was presumed to have murdered a girl called Kate during a party. With Kate’s family fuming mad at their devastating loss, Ethan and his family moved to Palm Knot, a quiet yet mysterious town, where Ethan’s uncle lived. There, Ethan made new friends who had different opinions about him. Soon, however, he met his second Kate called Coralee.

Though Kate and Coralee had a lot of differences, Ethan and she got along very well, and they soon formed a relationship. Their parents seemed to be okay with it… until events of the past started affecting Ethan again, making wrong choices in their relationship, which caused his parents to consider going back to Boston.

Through all that, the story of Ethan and Kate got deeper and deeper, as you’ll soon realise how Kate was accidentally murdered and what happened after that.

Coralee and Ethan had a few memorable adventures together. One distinct one was the incident at Blackwood House, when Ethan and Coralee bumped into a short and mysterious figure, who seemed to be looking for something in a coat hung outside. As Coralee had a box in her hands which she took from that coat. The duo made a run for their lives and had to find a way to make sure it was in safe hands.

The story also has this specific character called Susan who is Ethan’s friend, but is an obstacle between Ethan and Coralee’s relationship since she likes to tell rumours about Coralee. However, there is one secret which is true: Coralee lies!

Before I tell you anymore sickening spoilers about this emotional masterpiece, I suggest you read the book yourself.

Name: The Ethan I Was Before

Author: Ali Standish

Publisher: HarperCollins

Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Age Group: 8-12

Book Review: Jupiter Pirates: Curse of the Iris

Jupiter Pirates Curse of the Iris

If you know this highly renowned series very well, I reckon you had read the first book already and know that this book is about the chronicles of the Hashoone family, which takes place in outer space (solar system) in the far future, where space travel to other planets is possible.

This book is the 2nd of the Jupiter Pirates blockbuster series! In this book, the author goes through events of the Hashoone’s past, particularly about Johanne Hashoone, when they discover a sitting duck. In the floating vehicle, they find a dead crew…

The Hashoones are privateers and they own a letter of marque under the Jovian Union, which allows them to seize any ship which does not fly their colors. Their ship is called ‘Shadow Comet’. However, for that instance, there is nothing they can seize as everything was destroyed. Thus, they identify the dead captain and go to the captain’s home planet to deliver the bad news.

Unfortunately, during their conversation during with the captain’s family, the captain’s mother mocks them and accuses them of stealing captain Lumbaba’s prize, the Iris Cache, which was something forgotten in family history.

The Iris Cache is a hidden treasure which some say is cursed, or are protected by dangerous creatures. The Collective, an old organization which consisted of Shadow Comet and other ships, have been tasked to find the great prize, which led to misunderstandings and thus was deemed to be never found by Johannes and his crew.

But when Tycho, the youngest of the Hashoones, gets more clues than he bargained for, it is a race between 3 factions, the Securtitat, Jovian Union and Ice Wolves to get the greatest fortune of anyone’s life as the Hashoones go back in time to learn about their dirty family history and the truth of Tycho’s great-grandfather, Johannes, which is very startling…

And to make matters worse, the Ice Wolves have Saturn’s support!

So will they find the treasure and defeat the Ice Wolves? You got to read the book.

Written by Jason Fry, the language used and action portrayed in this hit is thrilling and will want you to flip to the next page!

Name: Jupiter Pirates: Curse of the Iris

Author: Jason Fry

Illustrator: Jeff Nentrup

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Genre: Action and Adventure

Age Group: 8-12

Book Review: Mr Stink

Mr Stink

Chloe is a spoiled girl, raised by a persistent and uncaring mother called Mrs Crumb. She is picked on by her younger sister, causing her to be wrongly accused by her mother. She is also bullied in school by Rosamund and her associates. However, it all changes when she meets the local Tramp, Mr Stink. They form a bond quickly through numerous experiences together. Later on, Mrs Crumb nominates herself to become the MP, with numerous policy plans. And one of them is for homeless people to leave the town.

Obviously, Chloe doesn’t want Mr Stink to leave the town for life. So, she secretly hides Mr Stink in the garden shed of their house, in hope that he won’t be found. As days passed, the ruthless Mrs Crumb continues to keep Chloe’s life miserable. If she ever becomes the MP, Chloe didn’t know how life would be in the future. At the same, time the two continue communicating as Chloe provided the vagabond (Mr Stink calls himself) basic care.

Anyways, when a Times Reporter came to interview Mrs Crumb about the election, a hungry Mr Stink showed up out of the blue, ruining the mother’s interview. It seemed imminent that she would fly of the handle, but she didn’t. Instead, she kept her cool, but reluctantly hated the aroma Mr Stink released. With that, it was certainly a lucky escape from hot water for Chloe and her dad, who knew the dirty secret but kept it to themselves.

Later on, the jolly and at the same time jealous Mrs Crumb got a call from the PM and was invited to a television programme but had to bring Mr Stink along. Well, she did it, in disgust.

For the rest of the story, you have to read the book as that is the climax and the resolution.

In my opinion, this book is a classic and touching masterpiece by David Williams!

Title: Mr Stink

Author: David Williams

Illustrator: Quentin Blake

Publisher: HarperCollins

Age Group: 8-12