Runaway Jury (Movie Review)

Another movie I watched on Saturday night was Runaway Jury. The movie was a very dynamic one and the plot had a lot of twists which was like a cat-and-mouse scene. And I also noted that the title was also… quite literal.

After a horrifying office shooting in New Orleans takes place, the wife of one of the murdered victims sue the gun companies in an attempt to get compensation from the gun industry in USA. However, her lawyer will have to face off some tough opponents. The defendant’s jury consultant, Rankin Fitch, is behind this game that he had created by using illegal methods to make the jury feel sympathy for the defense.

So, we all start of in court as both parties choose their jurors. A particular juror that puzzled Fitch was Nicolas Easter. He had a weird personality as a joker. Nevertheless, they still chose him to join the group of jurors. Unfortunately, they had just made their biggest mistake…

Easter and his girlfriend, Marlee are hiding a very big secret. To influence the jury to making any verdict they want! So, as the trial progresses, things remain simple until the prosecution was on the verge of losing. That’s when the duo strike. They try to make offers with both sides, seeing who would be willing to make a deal first.

Soon, as things start to go wrong for the defendant’s side through thorough planning from Easter and Marlee. Fitch decides to make a deal first before more things go wrong and lose the case.

But, the duo have their own intentions, and with the money Fitch had given to them as part of their deal, they now execute the next stage of the plan, sabotaging the case. What do you think will happen? Well, see for yourself!

Overall, this movie is very interesting as we could all see why jury is a very vital part in trials.


Wonder Woman (Movie Review)

I have to admit, the previous DC movies of the same franchise weren’t complimented by many critics. However, we all finally get the DC movie everyone has anticipated! Yes, as you all know, Wonder Woman is seriously hitting the world by storm after receiving a lot of praises for the first time as a DCEU movie! It is really taking the world by storm ever since its release in early June and the craze seems to be inevitably continuing! So, when I got the chance to watch it, I have to say it is not overrated and really worth it!

The movie takes place in World War 1, the climax of the Great War! Wonder Woman is an Amazonian raised in Themyscira, a peaceful paradise island not known to foreigners due to the fact that Zeus, the God of all Gods hid this place from the world.

However, when a British pilot called Steve Trevor goes through the shield that hides the island from the outer world and then crash lands in the sea, Wonder Woman saves him, only to bring the Germans to discover the place as well. So, when the Germans land on the beaches of Themyscira, a battle rages between the Amazonians and the Germans, resulting in the loss of the Amazonian general, Hippolyta! Wonder Woman mourns the death of the woman whom had trained her all those years to become a warrior while the Amazonian Queen, Antiope captures Steve Trevor for interrogation. With the help of the Lasso of Truth, Steve talks about World War 1.

Thinking that Ares, the God of War is behind the war, Wonder Woman sets foot on the outside world and learns about normal being’s habits, laws and tech in London before going to the front lines to hunt Ares down. With the help of Steve’s associates, they venture all the way to German Headquarters successfully, where Wonder Woman makes the final step to end war.

Will she be able to defeat Ares and end war? You have to get that answer by watching the movie!

The Client (Movie Review)

It’s Saturday night again, and its movie time!

And this time, we go to a late 1990s movie which is called ‘The Client’. Not only is this movie twisty, we also get to see comedy and action from all the parties that make this movie very satisfactory!

It starts in a small town in Memphis where a young boy and his little brother live. The boy steals cigarettes from his mom before going to the forests to do the puffing. Their peace is interrupted when they witness an attorney’s suicide who shot himself in the mouth. But before he killed himself, he told the boy about where the body of a dead senator is buried, presumably killed by the mafia which is his client.

With the little brother traumatized and in shock and the mother jobless, the young boy is left to fend for himself. When the FBI uses the fingerprints inside the car as evidence against him, making him vital for questioning. Fortunately, he finds a lawyer called Reggie Love who decides to help him in his plight.

However, as the news spreads like wildfire, the mafia of New Orleans learn about the problem and threatened the boy, stating that if he says anything about the event to the FBI or the police, everyone he knows will die.

As such, the boy has to make up a plan to find out if the body of a dead senator is indeed buried in a place that the suicidal lawyer told him. With the help of his lawyer, he will then use this information to get protection for his entire family from the FBI. The mafia also know the body’s location and would be disposing him soon so that the FBI have no case against them. It’s a race between the mafia and the duo, the boy and his lawyer.

Would the boy confirm the senator’s remains location before the mafia has a chance to retrieve it? Well, you have to find out yourself!

Overall, this movie has a charming background as we learn about how kids have a lot of potential to win it!

Inception (Movie Review)

Once again, we had another Saturday night movie time on Netflix. And this time, we watched the mind-boggling yet action-packed movie ‘Inception’. And I have to say this fictional and mostly dreaming film is really realistic despite the fact that you are in a dream, and you go to another dream… which is quite nonsensical.

We all start in a dream at a Japanese temple, where we get to know the 2 main characters in the story, Dom Cobb and Arthur. We get to know that they were hired to extract information from a businessman’s mind. They fail their mission and got ready to abort the mission. However, when things don’t go to plan, Cobb gets forced to accept the businessman’s offer: to suggest an idea through a dream, or an inception. Which was very tough. Despite Arthur’s pleads to let the offer through, Cobb accepted the offer for one reason. To redeem himself as a father.

As Cobb looks for old acquaintances to build a strong team to fulfill the objectives, we get to know why he wants redemption. It was because of his wife’s death, Mal. It all started when Mal and Cobb come back to their senses after dreaming of building their own city. Mal starts to be obsessed with the idea that reality is just a dream itself and that they have to kill themselves to wake up to reality. While Cobb tries to convince her that they’re in the real world, his words fall in deaf ears as Mal eventually commits suicide by dropping from a hotel building in their first anniversary.

As Mal is etched in Cobb’s subconscious, she always shows up in his dreams to sabotage his missions. And her presence in this dream might mean life or death!

Overall, this confusing film is really a masterpiece and I suggest all thrill seekers to watch this film!

Deep Impact (Movie Review)

Once again, we had another Saturday Night Movie Moment on Netflix! And this time, we went for an old movie. The movie was called ‘Deep Impact’ and was about a comet heading straight for Earth!

With the help of an observation from a young amateur astronomer about an unknown object in the sky, an astronomer discovers that it is actually a comet that it is going to hit Earth! So, when government officials get to know about the terrifying news, they make up a plan which is held secret for one whole year so that the public would not be shocked by the supposedly ‘Earth’s End.’ However, when a reporter Jenny Lerner learns about the meteor, she forces the US president to reveal the plan in the White House ahead of schedule.

The plan was to send out a space team to destroy the comet with lethal nuclear warheads. However, the plan drastically fails and left one crew member dead and another blind. Thankfully, they still were in the game and had a new leader to lead the mission as they head back towards Earth to stop the comet that has now split into two.

On Earth, the media has suspected that the crew was dead, and the worst has yet to come. So, as a back-up plan, the government would select 800,000 thousand people who would go to an underground facility that can be a home for 2 long years. The chosen ones would go to the facility a few days before the meteor hits Earth!

Fortunately, when the crew of the spaceship send a transmission to NASA that they are still out in space, their call was received and together, they sketch a final plan to try to destroy the bigger meteor as they could not do anything with the first.

Will the plan succeed? Well…you have to watch the movie. Overall, it was a great one and I wish I could see more space movies similar to that one!

Doctor Strange (Movie Review)


Ah, the newest Marvel Studio movie was released almost a month ago, so you might be thinking is it too late to watch it? Well, obviously not!

Before I talk about the movie itself, let me talk about the opening. I was surprised that the usual Marvel introduction comics was replaced with a new Marvel cinematic series scenes and they had fitted the word Studios as big as the word Marvel, which made the opening a lot more interesting.

Now let’s talk about the movie itself.

I feel quite sorry for Doctor Strange’s accident. So, these are the silly reasons of his accident (If I were him, I’d rather buy a normal car even if I were rich.)

1: He shouldn’t be talking to anyone on the phone while driving. (Especially on fast Lamborghinis)
2: Fast cars are not good for driving on the hilltops where crashes are deadly. (He’s real rich, so I reckon he had another car)
3: Lastly, he wasn’t even wearing any seatbelt. (It was a miracle that he stayed on his seat the whole time)

Since then, the nerves in his hands were severely injured. So, he couldn’t be a neurosurgeon anymore.L

The Ancient One really changed Dr Strange’s life by making his hands normal again. But, by that time, Dr Strange was already a great Mystical Artist, and was about to save the world against the Dark Lord Dormammurd with his magical gear, the cloak of Levitation and the Sorcerer’s Supreme.

However, through all this time, the Ancient One was holding a dark secret. She wields the power of the Dark Force to fight the bad guys, and her assistant Gordo wasn’t pleased with that.

In the middle of a battle between the Ancient One and the villain and his followers (played by Mads Mikkelson— villain name not revealed) the Ancient One got stabbed by the villain’s sword and dies.

With Gordo and Dr Strange the only two left, will they stand a chance against the villain? You got to watch the movie to know this.

Batman v Superman (Movie Review)

Batman v Superman

A few weeks ago, my family and I watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was a movie filled with action and kept me in suspense in some particular parts. To take note, I’m not going to recommend anything of a sort since this movie is not recent and most likely not shown in the cinemas anymore. Oh, and to be honest, I actually didn’t really adore it.

The good thing at the start of this film was that we were at least able to know what happened in the previous movie of this sequel, Man of Steel. It makes some new fans of DC comics get to know what happened.

Anyways, the movie also showed the events of Bruce Wayne and the pitiful death of his parents.

To simplify this, the two heroes had a fight because of this:

During the battle of General Zod and Superman, they both fought in a building which was Bruce Wayne’s building, to be specific, Bruce Wayne Industries! Batman was angry for what Superman had done to not only his life, but others. So, he soon thought Superman would be a threat to mankind.

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor found some valuable kryptonite somewhere in the Indian Ocean which he wanted to use for some reasons. Now, Batman needed that to defeat his Superman and stole the kryptonite for himself which made Lex Luthor very angry.

When Lex Luthor attempted to kill Superman’s girlfriend, Louis Lane, he came to the rescue. He then told him that he had Superman’s mom and to save her, he had to fight and kill Batman. He gave Superman an hour to defeat the Gotham knight. The duel was fierce with Batman’s power up. In spite of Superman’s best efforts, Batman neutralized him using a kryptonite spear and was about to kill him! It was really terrifying! I usually known them as allies, not enemies. In spite of the killing thought, Superman stopped him in his tracks when he mentioned his mother’s name. Still, Batman misunderstood that and just before something bloody occurred, Louis Lane came and sorted things out.

So, they made an agreement to stop Lex Luthor together. Batman’s job was to free Superman’s mother, Martha and Superman was to confront Lex Luthor again.

Before I continue, I’m not telling all the scenes of the movie as they’re not so important to have an honorable mention.

To my surprise, the duo had to face a slimy and greasy creature called Doom’s Day with Wonder Woman who joined them. Louis Lane also decided to search for the kryptonite spear which would finish the monster off as kryptonite was also its weakness. After barely escaping death, Superman sacrificed his life and stabbed Doom’s Day. And as I predicted, Superman was also stabbed too.

The fabled hero’s death was not something expected. He was conserved in a special coffin and was going to be buried.

At the end, just before I thought it was all lost and the fabled hero would never come back, Louis Lane poured some soil onto the coffin cover that started rising when she left! So this raises a question, is he alive?