Doctor Strange (Movie Review)


Ah, the newest Marvel Studio movie was released almost a month ago, so you might be thinking is it too late to watch it? Well, obviously not!

Before I talk about the movie itself, let me talk about the opening. I was surprised that the usual Marvel introduction comics was replaced with a new Marvel cinematic series scenes and they had fitted the word Studios as big as the word Marvel, which made the opening a lot more interesting.

Now let’s talk about the movie itself.

I feel quite sorry for Doctor Strange’s accident. So, these are the silly reasons of his accident (If I were him, I’d rather buy a normal car even if I were rich.)

1: He shouldn’t be talking to anyone on the phone while driving. (Especially on fast Lamborghinis)
2: Fast cars are not good for driving on the hilltops where crashes are deadly. (He’s real rich, so I reckon he had another car)
3: Lastly, he wasn’t even wearing any seatbelt. (It was a miracle that he stayed on his seat the whole time)

Since then, the nerves in his hands were severely injured. So, he couldn’t be a neurosurgeon anymore.L

The Ancient One really changed Dr Strange’s life by making his hands normal again. But, by that time, Dr Strange was already a great Mystical Artist, and was about to save the world against the Dark Lord Dormammurd with his magical gear, the cloak of Levitation and the Sorcerer’s Supreme.

However, through all this time, the Ancient One was holding a dark secret. She wields the power of the Dark Force to fight the bad guys, and her assistant Gordo wasn’t pleased with that.

In the middle of a battle between the Ancient One and the villain and his followers (played by Mads Mikkelson— villain name not revealed) the Ancient One got stabbed by the villain’s sword and dies.

With Gordo and Dr Strange the only two left, will they stand a chance against the villain? You got to watch the movie to know this.

Batman v Superman (Movie Review)

Batman v Superman

A few weeks ago, my family and I watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was a movie filled with action and kept me in suspense in some particular parts. To take note, I’m not going to recommend anything of a sort since this movie is not recent and most likely not shown in the cinemas anymore. Oh, and to be honest, I actually didn’t really adore it.

The good thing at the start of this film was that we were at least able to know what happened in the previous movie of this sequel, Man of Steel. It makes some new fans of DC comics get to know what happened.

Anyways, the movie also showed the events of Bruce Wayne and the pitiful death of his parents.

To simplify this, the two heroes had a fight because of this:

During the battle of General Zod and Superman, they both fought in a building which was Bruce Wayne’s building, to be specific, Bruce Wayne Industries! Batman was angry for what Superman had done to not only his life, but others. So, he soon thought Superman would be a threat to mankind.

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor found some valuable kryptonite somewhere in the Indian Ocean which he wanted to use for some reasons. Now, Batman needed that to defeat his Superman and stole the kryptonite for himself which made Lex Luthor very angry.

When Lex Luthor attempted to kill Superman’s girlfriend, Louis Lane, he came to the rescue. He then told him that he had Superman’s mom and to save her, he had to fight and kill Batman. He gave Superman an hour to defeat the Gotham knight. The duel was fierce with Batman’s power up. In spite of Superman’s best efforts, Batman neutralized him using a kryptonite spear and was about to kill him! It was really terrifying! I usually known them as allies, not enemies. In spite of the killing thought, Superman stopped him in his tracks when he mentioned his mother’s name. Still, Batman misunderstood that and just before something bloody occurred, Louis Lane came and sorted things out.

So, they made an agreement to stop Lex Luthor together. Batman’s job was to free Superman’s mother, Martha and Superman was to confront Lex Luthor again.

Before I continue, I’m not telling all the scenes of the movie as they’re not so important to have an honorable mention.

To my surprise, the duo had to face a slimy and greasy creature called Doom’s Day with Wonder Woman who joined them. Louis Lane also decided to search for the kryptonite spear which would finish the monster off as kryptonite was also its weakness. After barely escaping death, Superman sacrificed his life and stabbed Doom’s Day. And as I predicted, Superman was also stabbed too.

The fabled hero’s death was not something expected. He was conserved in a special coffin and was going to be buried.

At the end, just before I thought it was all lost and the fabled hero would never come back, Louis Lane poured some soil onto the coffin cover that started rising when she left! So this raises a question, is he alive?

Captain America: Civil War (movie review)


I hope you all have watched the famous blockbuster hit, Captain America: Civil War. I enjoyed it a lot with all the action and questions it answered in my mind about the Avengers. However, my parents prefer Batman v Superman to that since to them, the plot of this civil war wasn’t clear to them, unlike Batman v Superman.

As a Marvel fan, I know almost every Marvel Hero you can possibly think of as I like to play games featuring them. Although you might think there was one cause to this war, there were two. The first reason was the choice of joining forces with the government. Captain America’s side wanted to stay independent. However, Iron Man’s side thought the other way around.

I watched this hit at Plaza Singapura, located in the midst of Singapore. We chose the cinemas there which are managed by Golden Village since the management gives free tickets to children who are under the age of 12. It was on a Saturday, 07/05/16. Moreover, we had just finished our morning walk at Fort Canning Park, which was near the humongous mall.

Now, let’s get back to the main topic. The second reason was that Winter Soldier, murdered Black Panther’s father, causing him to seek vengeance.

The movie started with the horrifying events based on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It was in the Arctic, at some random time in 1991. Winter Soldier, as usual, was hypnotized by Russian Officials and was given his first mission on December 15, 1991. And, yes he completed it. The whole thing then stopped and the time fast-forwarded to the present day. The Avengers (not including Iron Man and War Machine) were tasked to take down Crossbones, a mighty leader who was leading an armed group. The Avengers failed to stop his first part of the plan as Crossbones successfully broke in to a protected place in Lagos. Soon, a fight heated up as the Avengers took down Crossbones’s bodyguards. After some time, Crossbones found Captain America, his arch-enemy, and they had a fight which tested their hand-to-hand combat skills. Soon, Crossbones surrendered momentarily and then tried to use a bomb to kill the Captain instead. Despite the surprise, Scarlet Witch anticipated it and made Crossbones float with the bomb. Accidentally, she threw the villain into a building which exploded. It was terrifying as the Avengers regretted the action because many innocent civilians were killed.

Sometime later, the Avengers had a meeting with a US general, Thunderbolt Ross, about a decision on whether to join forces with the government or not. Captain America felt that signing the agreement would make them under the control of the government, so he decided not to sign yet. While all of this was happening, Peggy Carter, a good friend of his, died. So, he could not represent the Avengers in a meeting with the King of Wakanda as he had to go to London for the funeral. It was there that the King died when Winter Soldier planted a bomb near the meeting.

Now, the Wakanda officials were looking for Bucky as he fled to Bucharest, where Captain America finally met his best pal again. Though they were mates again, the soldier showed no remorse as they escaped his apartment from the police. A serious chase began between four heroes, Falcon, who cuts to the chase, the Captain, Winter Soldier and Black Panther. The action really set my heart pumping like mad.

To my dismay, the heroes were arrested. Winter Soldier was tied up in very strong handcuffs and was interrogated by this villain called Zemo. He said the exact same words the Russian Officials said which made Winter Soldier go haywire. He went out of the cage with all his might and killed the troopers guarding him. That made everyone scramble as the other three made a run for it and left without a single trace. After Iron Man, Sharon Carter, a FBI agent, Black Widow and Black Panther failed to stop him, he climbed up to the top of the police station and got on a helicopter.

Captain America then came out just in time to see him leaving and as a super soldier, used all his might to bring the helicopter down. It was a shock when the soldier’s metal arm came to strangle Captain America all the way down to the water. Eventually, they both survived.

Now that Falcon, the Captain and Winter Soldier were alone in an isolated warehouse, they asked Hawkeye to get Scarlet Witch and Ant-Man. Iron Man also recruited Spider-Man to join their cause.

The teams have soon assembled and were ready to fight to the death in an airport. After revealing all the heroes they had in their sleeves, they clashed! The fight was epic as commercial planes exploded. Both Ant-Man and Spider-Man added ahumour to the movie. Soon Bucky and Rogers cooperated with their teammates to fight to the end while they run for a plane which would take them out of battle alive. The plan was successful at a great cost. It was really filled with action and adventure.

The two heroes flew to an isolated place in the Arctic where the Russians once made their winter soldiers. Iron Man also came, after realizing that Bucky was framed and was told about the location of the Russian facility. There, they met that Zemo again who showed them a tape of the mission on December 15, 1991. He also explained that his whole family was killed by the Avengers and wanted them to fight each other. The tape showed how Howard Stark and his wife got killed! They were Iron Man’s parents! I mean, I could understand Winter Soldier would kill them for he was hypnotized. Watching the whole thing without being noticed was Black Panther and was the first to finally realize what he was doing was not right. When the three started fighting, I felt most of my questions of this series were answered. The fight was crazy as the Soldier and the Captain who showed no means to fight paired up against Iron Man who showed on mercy. Zemo ran away to some area where Black Panther went to talk things out. When Bucky lost his metal arm during the fight, Captain America continued the showdown and with his shield and he soon neutralized Iron Man. Captain America and Winter Soldier decided to leave the compound, leaving Iron Man alone.

As time went by, they soon realized their mistakes.

Overall, I totally enjoyed the hit and loved the action demonstrated in such a movie.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Movie Experience and Review)


You must know this popular box office series! The thrilling sequel of “Episode 6: Return of the Jedi” was released a month ago in December just a few days before Christmas and I’d like to comment about the new movie. Though my favorite character and actor, Harrison Ford who played as Han Solo in the era of the Empire, died when his son, Kylo Ren stabbed him with his lightsaber, this sequel gives me a feeling the new era would be the best of the best!

We watched this exciting, action-packed movie on the 29th December 2015 at The Cathay near Dhoby Ghaut train station. It was at late evening around 15 minutes to eight. Once the usher announced that the movie hall was ready, I jumped from the seat I was on and dashed towards the vacant queue.

When we entered the movie screening showroom, excitement and nervousness like butterflies in my stomach conflicted me together as I sat down on our booked comfortable cinema seats. With all the ads being shown on the big screen, I braced myself on what is yet to come.

As you all know, the creator likes to start with a short intro in space before starting the main show. I think this makes sense as the start may be sometimes weird, such as “Episode 3: Revenge of The Sith” intro starts with a looming violent battle overhead. It also at least gives some meaning when the major part begins.

With the corrupt Empire defeated, the Republic takes its place after the death of the Emperor. It also leads to the disappearance of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalkers)’s son. There are rumors that his disappearance is due to training private future Jedi. But, it also lets the First Order rise from the ashes. The first order is like a rebellion in the movie.

The new era also consists of two new heroes, Finn, a trooper who joins the resistance after reflecting on the good and the bad, and Rey, a mighty strong scavenger who has a stick for self-defense. The First Order commander, Kylo Ren, Princess Leia’s and Han Solo’s son (nicknamed Ben) who was once trained by Luke Skywalker, has now joined the dark side for a strange reason which also makes people think that it is also one of the reasons of Luke’s absence.

After they had met, Rey, Finn and a droid called BB-8 have to run away from First Order forces in Jakku as BB-8 has vital info on Luke’s location and have to send it to the safe hands of Princess Leia.

With their successful escape from the forces using the Millennium Falcon, they meet Han Solo and his best lad, Chewbacca after a tractor beam pulled them into his cargo ship. For that part, I have a question: How did the Millenium Falcon got onto Jakku?

Once they escaped a group of two gangs which wanted money from them, they head to a small café to get coordinates of Princess Leia. It was there that Rey had signs of being a Jedi after she touched the legendary Jedi’s lightsaber. Despite the good sign, she did not accept it and ran away from that mystical place just before the First Order unleashed their awful weapon, The Star Destroyer. Which also led to an invasion of the planet on which the group was and the end and destruction of a few planets.

Just when Han Solo and the gang surrendered, the resistance came to the rescue and pushed the troopers back and forced them back to their secret base of the Star Destroyer. With the mission successful, the group were escorted to the rebel’s in a nearby system. However, Rey was captured by the troopers after attempting to fight them off.

The resistance discussed about the plans on the attack of the Star Destroyer and about the search of Luke Skywalker. They can’t afford him to be captured by the First Order.

With all the plans confirmed, they commence there attack on the death machine and fought hard with all their starships as the group got in the weapon to find Rey and it was also an attempt to kill Captain Phasma, a First Order officer.

However, it was the death location of the fabled hero Han Solo when Kylo Ren stabbed him with his lightsaber. It was very heart-breaking as it was like the end of such a popular actor of this movie, Harrison Ford. It made Chewbacca very mad, too.

Once they got out of the massive weapon, they encounter Kylo Ren himself. Will the heroes of the new era overcome him? Will the weapon be destroyed and is there any hope of Luke Skywalker being found? You’ve got to watch it.

All I want to say is, what an awesome movie with balanced action and Adventure! And in my opinion, it’s a straight five stars!

Harrison Ford – Han Solo
Mark Hamil – Mark Hamill
Luke Skywalker – Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher – Princess Leia
Adam Driver – Kylo Ren
Daisy Ridley – Rey
John Boyega – Finn
Oscar Isaac – Poe Dameron

Director: J.J. Abrams

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale


On 20/12/15, I watched this movie called Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. At first before watching it on our TV, I thought it would be as dull as ditchwater. However, it turned out to be very dramatic and emotional. I even cried at the ending part! You know it’s a bit weird but it was very sad.

The story began when one day, maybe not quite some time ago, a puppy which was sent from Japan awaited to be collected at a train platform. After some time wandering around the platform curiously after escaping his cage, the puppy found a man who tried to find the rightful owner, but failed to do so.  Though he knew it was not his, no one else came to look for it. The guy who sold the train tickets did not want to keep him either. He was left with no choice but to take him home.I felt very pitiful for the dog at that part. Although things started off pretty badly as the wife was not so fond of him, she soon realized that everyone in the town, particularly in his house, liked him. Especially the husband, the man who found him. That dog also came from a rare and special breed called Hachiko.

Everyday, as his daily routine, he would follow his master to the train station, leave when he boards the train and come back when the day ends as he loves him. I felt he would be very sad without him. On one unfortunate day, his master died. Which made him confused, as he could not understand human language. He was still convinced that his master would come back, and would wait outside the train station. When the family moved, the master’s daughter first took him but later released him as she could feel that he wanted to go to the train station. The dog found its way back to the station and waited for 9 years and remembered him at the last part before his death, which was the part that made me cry. The ending was very sad.


I realized that dogs are very loyal to people they know.


Chico, Layla and Forrest – Hachi
Richard Gere – Professor Parker Wilson
Joan Allen – Cate Wilson, his wife

Director: Lasse Hallström