The Singapore Aquathlon

The gloomy skies filled the active surroundings of East Coast Park. Saturday was a very big day for my sporting life. I was going to participate in the Singapore Aquathlon 2016! This was the 2nd aquathlon I participated in. The event commenced on 18th June 2016. My category was kids, 10-11. It would be at 10.45am.

_DSC9854  The Singapore Aquathlon

At 9.45am, we got off our taxi and headed to the check-in zone to get my number marked on my arms on both sides. We then walked slowly to the transition area where I placed my shirt, towel and shoes. I would go there after my swim. The sky remained gloomy as the adults and youths had their shots at the race.

I decided to practice my duck runs, a run you use when entering and leaving the water and warm-up. I was with other kids who were getting ready for their big moment. After a few laps, the minutes were ticking in. So, my parents advised me to only practice my duck runs which I was a master at already. They didn’t want me to get too tired.

_DSC9860  The Singapore Aquathlon

At 10.30am, my parents wished me luck while I headed to the starting point. There were a bunch of competitors stationed there earlier. With still 15 more minutes before it all began, we did a little stretching. The parents watching us also took some photos as permitted by the facilitators.

_DSC9862  The Singapore Aquathlon

_DSC9873 The Singapore Aquathlon

Just a few minutes before the actual starting time, a facilitator gave us a 1 minute briefing before giving us a 45sec interval. After that interval, the horn went of meaning the start of the race!

_DSC9866  The Singapore Aquathlon

In the water, there was a little pushing as we headed towards our turn around point. I had a disadvantage as I was in the middle, meaning I was going diagonally, giving me a few extra meters to swim. I finished in 10th place for the swim, which was a great improvement thanks to my coach!

_DSC9887  The Singapore Aquathlon

At the end point, I got slowed down by the barrier, a rope. However, I wasn’t overtaken. Instead, I just made my way up the shore and into the transition area where I overtook a few boys.

During the run, I got back a position as a boy overtook me. Unfortunately, I failed to get my placement back and ended up 14th in Gender position and 12th in category position.

For finishing, I got a shiny medal which was really worth it. I was happy with the results although I wasn’t 1st as I took some shots with my newest and polished medal with my parents!

_DSC9925 The Singapore Aquathlon

Singapore Aquathlon


My First Aquathlon

Sunday, February 21, 2016, was a very special day for me and my parents. I would be spending the whole morning in Sentosa with my parents watching me race in an Aquathlon in one of the beaches of Sentosa called Palawan Beach. It is quite a good spot for this huge local race to be held since it is spacious and to my surprise, clean even though the transition area where I had to change into my shoes later on after my swim was quite muddy.

_DSC8557 copy

I had a slight problem despite my readiness for the event because my eyes were accidentally sprayed with a little sunblock while my mom was spraying it on my face. So, just don’t feel weird when you see me either wearing sunglasses when it’s not hot or myself squinting in the photographs. We also arrived early at 9.30a.m. in spite knowing our event was 10.40a.m. since it was recommended to check-in one hour before.

_DSC8560 copy


At around 10.00a.m., I warmed up as the other youths, kids or adults did their actual laps. Ten minutes before it’s our turn to compete, I stopped doing my moderate warm up not to lose that much energy and headed to the starting line.

After a long wait under the hot sun before we had a short briefing we one of the crew members and waited for the buzzers for two minutes.

Three…two…one…GO!!! The buzzers went off as we all started this exciting event. Even with all the pushing and turning, I tried to stay on track and managed to finish my swim in a short three minutes. We all zoomed towards the transition area all out and I dried myself up and wore my shoes as fast as possible without pulling the tongue which my dad reminded my tons of times during practice.

_DSC8600 copy_DSC8607 copy

Because I used a lot of energy during the swim, I felt that I slowed down during the run but didn’t give up even if I was tired with other kid behind me. Our running track was on a wide road which was of service for this event, which was fine to me. I just continued in an average speed before sprinting for the last hundred meters with the other kid whom caught up with me, and we were neck to neck. Eventually, I completed the challenge and got my finisher medal and wore it around my neck. Tired, I praised myself for completing this event before I went to get my swimming items and the live results. And, from what I know, I was average and it was not bad for a first time experience.

_DSC8621 copy _DSC86102 copy

Metasprint Aquathlon.jpg

After a short shower, I drank a bottle of coke before walking back to the train station where we departed towards Vivo City, a mall in Harbourfront and had a comfortable lunch at a restaurant called Marche to celebrate my achievement and my parent’s anniversary.

_DSC8626_01 copy

Aquathlon Clinic at Sentosa

It was a special Saturday, 2/13/16. We were spending a half-day visit to the unique island, Sentosa! After having a usual lunch, we packed our things and hurried to our first stop, Tanjong Beach. It’s located at the shorelines of Sentosa, where I would have a one and a half hour swim with a trained coach for the briefing of a competition I’d take part next week. It was also going to be held at this breathtaking beach.20160213_160645

The event is called an Aquathlon. It is very special since it consists of both swimming and running. I was briefed that I would swim 150m in the deep waters and had to run an easy, but maybe tiring 1.5km.

I was gripped with excitement though we came late and to my surprise, there were very few kids who came for the briefing which was very strange. From what I’ve heard, there would be tons of kids who would be participating in this event. But only about ten kids came!

During the session we learnt how to do a correct Aquathlon turn and some useful tips on how we start and how we finish our swim. I also observed all the kids who were there and realized I had an advantage against most of them since my momentum is kind of tough for them to take. I was also kind of lucky I came to the organizer’s briefing for it is my first time participating in this event.

After the energetic class, the coach ended the session and I had a fast, good scrub before strolling with my parents to the tram stop to wait for a short ride to another fun activity though we were not briefed much about the running.