The second day in Cebu

We woke up early for breakfast as the breakfast time in the hotel is very short. We got our tummies full as we got sufficient food to satisfy ourselves with.

For starters, we went to a bank in the center of Cebu City to withdraw cash as we were starting to be short of it. It was quite tedious as we couldn’t withdraw from the bank’s ATMs. However, we were soon on our heels at around 9am.

Nearby was a small farmer’s carnival to celebrate Farmers’ Day in Cebu. We walked through it and saw a variety of decorated stalls of fruits and veggies. The scene was really colourful. There were reporters rushing everywhere, having their chances to interview the stall owners. Behind all the stalls were beautifully decorated cars with fruits and veggies covering the original layer of the vehicle, just like the food stalls.


We then started a short 5 minute journey to the Heritage of Cebu Monument, a monument with all the events of the Spanish and the natives clumped in one statue. Our guide there told us that the artist took three years to develop this piece of hard work. We were really amazed by his efforts as it’s a masterpiece. It was made by Eduardo Castrillo from 1997 to 2000.

Next, we went to the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House, the oldest house in Cebu. It was built at around the 1700s. We had a different guide there. The house was first owned by a Spanish family, as generations gone by, other rich people owned the lot. However, the house soon became old. So, it became a landmark of Cebu. We explored the house from different angles and came across a wishing well, 2 dining rooms, 2 bedrooms and a living room. The house is two levels and is quite huge, our guide took some great shots and I definitely enjoyed exploring the place.


When that was done, we rode a taxi to a popular restaurant called CNT House of Lechon. There, as you reckoned, we ate Lechon. I also drank a native drink called Calamansi Juice. Thankfully, the Lechon here was very crispy, and I enjoyed my meal a lot.

We a fantastic meal adjourned, we had a nap at the hotel before taking another cab to Tops Lookout, which is located at one of the vast and steep hills of Cebu. Though, there was a jam along the way, we arrived there just in time to take some good shots.

The views there were spectacular, even when the sun goes down. When the lights go up, the city looks very dynamic.

For dinner, we ate at Lantaw, a restaurant on a hill by the vast city, and the view there was awesome to. Halfway through our meal, we were entertained by fireworks, which lightened the view.

When dinner ended, we bid farewell to the views of Cebu as we got back to our hotel and ended the day.


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