The Coldplay Concert

It was 31st March, a big day for many. If you live in Singapore, you should know that Coldplay’s here! They would be holding a concert (Head full of Dreams Tour) at the National Stadium on 31th March and 1st April!! Well, we would be watching them on 31st, which was on a Friday.

So immediately after school, I scurried home with excitement shown all over my face. I had a quick and good refreshing shower before leaving our doorstep for Singapore’s national stadium!

We took public transport, ready for a whale of a time amongst the crowd. But before that, we obviously had to have dinner first. We arrived at the Stadium’s iconic Kallang Wave Mall which was just outside Stadium MRT. There is a considerable abundance of food and beverage in the mall. However, we decided to have a typical dinner at the mall’s Foodfare food court.

After our dinner, we headed to the stadium gates! Kallang Wave Mall is near our gate, which was gate 19. We took numerous photos together outside the stadium before heading to the gate itself. We got our tickets ready and successfully went through security. We were officially inside the stadium premises as we continue striding to our seats which were quite far and high from the stage.

Though our category was meant to be restricted, our seats weren’t too bad after all! Aside minor obstructions, we were still able to see the band perform.

Anyways, with still an hour left before the concert began, we took our seats as my dad bought some refreshments in case we became hungry or thirsty in the midst of all the fun.

Opening performance

There were many benefits of taking the sides on the high ground:

1: You could see when the band is coming in through the back of the stage.

2: How the crew works behind the scenes.

3: You don’t feel hot and perspire like all those in the standing pen!

As we adored the chaotic surroundings the final announcements were made to take to your seats as the concert began! From the back, we saw the longing and anticipated Coldplay stars!

Once they took the stage, you could expect the utmost best from them!!!

They played all their famous hits everyone knew, such as Paradise, Hymn of the Weekend, Adventure of a Lifetime, Yellow and much more. Every song they played, I felt I was drunk as I was having too much fun, I didn’t feel like sleeping at all! With the help of the LED lights produced by xyloband, the stadium was like glittered with thousands of stars!!

Xyloband colors

As the concert ended, the band said their thanks they played a great grand finale!

Overall, I enjoyed Coldplay’s style of sing-along with their popular hits and the fact there was no intermission! My favourite performance throughout the concert was Paradise, which is also my favourite Coldplay song!

As the concert has ended, we left the stadium and went to Starbucks for a good dessert with smiles on everyone’s faces. It was a concert worth watching as we took a late train home!!!!

Videos from the concert:


Our Dinner at Savour

Last night, the 19th of November, we went for a special dinner at this temporary outdoor place called Savour, organized by DBS. The food was delicious! We arrived at Bayfront Avenue at around 8pm with empty bellies below the iconic Marina Bay Sands. We were excited to see what Savour has in store for us.

We walked across a busy street before taking photos of the beautiful skyscrapers of Singapore. Beyond the restaurant was the Singapore River. Across that was the Fullerton Hotel. The view from the river was a charm.


With that, we entered the outdoor restaurant as we topped up our wristbands which we could use to pay for orders in the food outlets. With that done like lightning, we searched for a vacant table.

It was quite hard to find one as it was it was Saturday and many were here due to their free time in the weekend. 8pm is also the peak hour for dinner time, making the place full with cheerful people. There was live entertainment too, so the atmosphere was loud and fun.

I ate a delicious hotdog which was humongous and drank tasteless sparkling water, which was at least refreshing. My mom and dad ordered something unique that I haven’t seen somewhere else. I guess that’s what they call gourmet.

After a sumptuous dinner, I scurried to try their exciting activities. (Well…I only did one of them, and failed.L) The only activity I did was where you had to hit the bottles with tennis balls. You had to pay 5 bucks for that. However, the more bottles you hit, the more cash you got back. I hit two bottles.

With that fun fulfilled, I decided to have a dessert. So, my dad helped my buy a weird looking donut ice-cream. Despite the fact it had a strange structure, I enjoyed it. It was awesomely mouth-watering. My mom enjoyed it like me too.

As midnight approached, we headed home as I was getting fatigued.

Overall, our dinner there was delicious and we had a great time. However, it would have been better if they added a stage where singers would come up to sing songs and interact with us. That’ll be more entertaining.

They should also add a dance floor.


My Dish

My Dish: Truffle Hound ($12) 100g Prime Beef Frankfurter, Roasted Portobello Mushroom, Garlic & Miso Butter, Ketchup, Truffle Aioli, Melted Truffle Cheese, in a toasted Brioche Bun

Daddy's Dish

Daddy’s Dish: Braised Beef with Marinated Zucchini and Green Sauce ($12) Homemade Soft Roll with Braised Beef, Marinated Grilled Zucchini with Garlic and Green Sauce ( Parsley, Capers, Anchovies, Olive Oil & Vinegar)

Mommy's dish

Mommy’s dish: Half Roasted French Quail ($12) Pearl Barley & Forest Mushrooms Risotto, Pickled Shimeiji, Japanese Buckwheat, Shallots


Dessert: Spanish Flan ($6) Moringa Crumble, Fresh Berries, Apple Blossom

No Picture: Slayer ($12) Old Bay Fried Chicken, Black Truffle Mash, Country Sausage Gravy

No Picture: Donut Softie ($6)Sugared Donut, Egg Nog Soft Serve, Chicken Floss

A Day at the Beach

A few Sundays ago, we decided to visit the beach for a picnic and we had a whale of a time!

At 6am on a Sunday morning, we started packing our picnic stuff. Soon enough, we left our house and were on our way to a state of coastal fun!

At approximately 8am, we arrived at our destination which is Changi Beach. We set up the mat quickly while my dad went to get our hot drinks from Changi Village Hawker’s Centre. After he came back, we started a casual breakfast with sandwiches after I had a quick search for Pokémon. The meal was definitely mouth-watering!


With that done, I got a Frisbee we brought in handy. So, I decided to have a match with daddy. Unfortunately, my dad won after a short warm-up with 2-0.

a-day-at-the-beach20161030_090652 a-day-at-the-beach20161030_090857

Before starting our second match, I swam a few laps by the beach, as planned by my parents. They did not want me to swim away from the shoreline as I might not know how far I am from shore. It was tiring, but I got over with it.

As the sun was soon to be above us, we had another quick match with fast rallies. It was extremely exhausting. Thankfully, I have high stamina. So, I had the upper hand in that match and won over dad with a score of 2-1.

As our picnic was soon to end, I took a quick shower before reading a book in my Kindle. However, I was soon distracted by a group of men who played beach volleyball near us. I was watching them and it was real epic. At the same time, a man who went fishing on a kayak came back. Unfortunately for him, he caught nothing, and everyone who were witnessing this were also sad that nothing was caught.

With that, our enjoyable picnic came to a happy ending as we went to the hawker center for lunch before heading home.


Oktoberfest 2016

On the 8th of October 2016, my parents and I went downtown to Clarke Quay to celebrate the Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is a festival held in October. This annual festival started in Germany.

We left our house with high spirits of excitement. We arrived at the venue of the occasion at 7pm. While waitng for my mom’s friend to reach there, we had a German dinner with sausages, pork knuckle and sauerkraut. It was a bit costly, but it was worth it because there were live performers on stage to entertain us.


When my mom’s friend arrived, I decided to play some traditional games to keep myself occupied. I took my game coupons as I played the superb activities. I did not win anything though, unfortunately.

When I got back to our table, the hosts of the festival introduced us a band of Oktoberfest singers (they were British though) who would make us occupied. They sure did!


The band started off with a few entertaining songs before the real fun began. We started with a game which was like ‘repeat after me’ type of thing, it was just that we were speaking, not doing the action. It was fun speaking in the German language.

Next task was even better. It included teamwork and unity. We were supposed to ‘link arms’ with the people beside us and do what the singers ask us to do, with the arms held all the time. Here is the order of movement:

1: Sway left
2: Sway right
3: Stand up
4: Sit down
5: Lean forward
6: Lean backward

We then have to repeat the same order again and again as the rhythm got faster and faster. Before we knew it, we were extremely tired! With that, they ended their great performance.

The last activity we did before we got home at 10pm was dancing. I shuffled along the dance floor and did some cool hip-hop moves as I caught the attention of the crowd. I did not get tired to easily and I had a whale of a time dancing in a cool style.

Before we left, we went to a photo booth to take some photo shots before heading home. I had tons of fun and I obviously wished I had more. I slept like a log immediately when I arrived home.

The Singapore Aquathlon

The gloomy skies filled the active surroundings of East Coast Park. Saturday was a very big day for my sporting life. I was going to participate in the Singapore Aquathlon 2016! This was the 2nd aquathlon I participated in. The event commenced on 18th June 2016. My category was kids, 10-11. It would be at 10.45am.

_DSC9854  The Singapore Aquathlon

At 9.45am, we got off our taxi and headed to the check-in zone to get my number marked on my arms on both sides. We then walked slowly to the transition area where I placed my shirt, towel and shoes. I would go there after my swim. The sky remained gloomy as the adults and youths had their shots at the race.

I decided to practice my duck runs, a run you use when entering and leaving the water and warm-up. I was with other kids who were getting ready for their big moment. After a few laps, the minutes were ticking in. So, my parents advised me to only practice my duck runs which I was a master at already. They didn’t want me to get too tired.

_DSC9860  The Singapore Aquathlon

At 10.30am, my parents wished me luck while I headed to the starting point. There were a bunch of competitors stationed there earlier. With still 15 more minutes before it all began, we did a little stretching. The parents watching us also took some photos as permitted by the facilitators.

_DSC9862  The Singapore Aquathlon

_DSC9873 The Singapore Aquathlon

Just a few minutes before the actual starting time, a facilitator gave us a 1 minute briefing before giving us a 45sec interval. After that interval, the horn went of meaning the start of the race!

_DSC9866  The Singapore Aquathlon

In the water, there was a little pushing as we headed towards our turn around point. I had a disadvantage as I was in the middle, meaning I was going diagonally, giving me a few extra meters to swim. I finished in 10th place for the swim, which was a great improvement thanks to my coach!

_DSC9887  The Singapore Aquathlon

At the end point, I got slowed down by the barrier, a rope. However, I wasn’t overtaken. Instead, I just made my way up the shore and into the transition area where I overtook a few boys.

During the run, I got back a position as a boy overtook me. Unfortunately, I failed to get my placement back and ended up 14th in Gender position and 12th in category position.

For finishing, I got a shiny medal which was really worth it. I was happy with the results although I wasn’t 1st as I took some shots with my newest and polished medal with my parents!

_DSC9925 The Singapore Aquathlon

Singapore Aquathlon

Our Trek at Pulau Ubin

We woke up late for our trek to Pulau Ubin. This is because it was raining there according to the weather ‘nowcast’ and we wanted to make sure it stopped. Anyway, it was nearing 8am. I woke up and had a satisfying breakfast before changing into track pants and shirt that would keep me protected for the whole trek from mosquito bites.

Our plan was to walk 10km in the lush scenery, hoping to unravel nature at its best. At around 8.30am, we embarked on the exciting journey by heading to the bus stop which was a stone’s throw away from my house. There, we waited for bus 89 before having an approximately 30-minute ride to Changi Village where we walked from there onwards towards Changi Jetty Terminal to take a bumboat service to the island North-East of the straits of Singapore.

20160521_095729_HDR Our Trek at Pulau Ubin

The bumboat service is very frequent. The only issue is the long queues. So, if you’re travelling to Pulau Ubin by the my route, the only one, in particular, I suggest queuing up at the terminal by 10am as any time after that would result in an hour of wasted time.

We paid the driver the one-way fee to Pulau Ubin before starting the exciting adventure.

20160521_101050 Our Trek at Pulau Ubin

You don’t really have to show long faces if you’re the type who gets seasick easily as the ride is only around 5 to 10 minutes. The welcoming of the island was quite pleasant with a board overhead saying ‘Welcome to Pulau Ubin’. We started our walk around the island after having a quick skim of the map of the 10.19km2  island. We walked on the sides of the main road towards a hill in the small island. It is called Puaka Hill and is quite a tall hill. The walk from the jetty to there would be around 2km. Unfortunately, before I go straight to the point, I’ve got to tell you this!

As we entered the road that would lead to the hill, I noticed something hissing: it was in a snake position and once I saw its tongue moving out, it was literally a snake! My mom was setting course on a probably venomous crash with the beast. Luckily, I shouted outmost crazily that there was a snake for three times! She was near to the beast and was extremely terrified on what was in front of her. My dad decided to turn back to warn the bikers about the snake all of us had not seen before. As I predicted, they were terrified, too.

After that adventure of nature, we walked up the steep slopes of Puaka Hill, which is lower than the one in mainland Singapore, Bukit Timah Hill. Still, the reward was a nicer view than that of the one of Bukit Timah Hill, which made me remember that Bukit Timah had no scenery at its top at all.

20160521_105230 Our Trek at Pulau Ubin

For the other 8km, we decided to walk near Chek Jawa Wetlands which had 50% of its trails in rough terrain.

Overall, I enjoyed my walk around the small island and hoped to have a better one by seeing wild boars in our next visit. By the way, the snake we met earlier was called an Oriental Whip Snake. As shown in the images of Google’s website, it is light green, just like the one we saw. Luckily, this snake is not poisonous as its venom is very weak.


Our Trek at Bukit Timah Hill

It was Labour Day. My family planned an exciting trek uphill on Bukit Timah Hill. I was ready for the uphill madness and steep chaos. However, all in all, we realized the trek wasn’t that difficult after all.

In a misty morning, we hired a cabbie using the Grab app to our destination, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve along Hindhede Road.

When we arrived at our destination at around 7.30a.m., we left the cab and got off to a steep start after we entered the trail… to the summit! We walked by the visitor center and headed upwards which would lead to our stopover. We also encountered some huts which were our checkpoints. The steep slope unfortunately only lasted for about a few hundred meters. The second part of our journey was an uphill track which was not as steep as before, though. Luckily, that slope ended after such a short while as I really wanted more sweat to perspire away. The next obstacle was a flight of stairs. They were steep and I had to be extremely careful since one mistake could cost my life. The stairs were made of brick and also felt slippery! I saw other children and athletes going for their daily walks around the hill. Sunrise was nearly ending.

The steep ascent ended with a short planked walkway by a quiet garden and finally to our pit-stop. To my dismay, there was not really anything that much to see since the spectacular view was blocked! All I could catch around me were two tall radio like towers and other families having a whale of a time at the top. It was there that we realized that this walk won’t be too hard after all!

20160501_074110 Our Trek at Bukit Timah Hill

20160501_085931 Our Trek at Bukit Timah Hill

After a short interlude, we set off back to the starting point of this trail which was totally as easy as pie! To be honest, a two way trip was only be about 2km! As we finished our trail, I did a 100m downhill sprint to the gate which would be the entrance and exit of the trail.

After that 2km trek, we decided to have a walk at Hindhede Park. From the map, it seems a walk in this raft built terrain park would be tremendously long!

At first, we had a good impression of this park since it had rough terrain and steep and scary slopes. We then realized this trek was still very easy since we reached our pit-stop, a hut by a vacant and abandoned quarry in five minutes. Before we continued our journey, we took some shots in the nice and cooling breeze before continuing our short walk.

20160501_081219 Our Trek at Bukit Timah Hill

20160501_081312 Our Trek at Bukit Timah Hill.jpg

Before we ended our walk, I met a few friends in the park who were playing at the playground. They were using the flying fox, a zipline which I like riding on. I joined them for a while and enjoyed my two rounds on this vehicle.

20160501_081732 Our Trek at Bukit Timah Hill

Since the park didn’t really increase the length of our walk, we did one more round of trekking up Bukit Timah Hill and left the special place after doing my business in the washroom.

20160501_085938 Our Trek at Bukit Timah Hill